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the project

Simple solution to answering the question "what do I do with the vegetables in my CSA bag?" is to have a dedicated person providing cooking demonstrations and conversations on their health benefits during the hours of the market. Becoming more informed and comfortable about unfamiliar and familiar vegetables and how to cook and eat them will invite people to cook and eat more vegetables themselves. As summer abundance shows itself in CSA vegetable bags and farmers markets we also hope to introduce and inform people about the wide variety of wild plant edibles. In addition to learning about and eating cultivated vegetable like kale and turnips the ability to identify and prepare wild plant edibles is also immensely beneficial to ones health. In person sessions will be provided once a week during farmers market for the summer and fall market season. Videos and updated social media channels with easy recipes and nutritional information as well as on site QR labeling and signage for immediate access to information can put the power of ones well being in ones own hands.

the steps

On a beautiful day out at the community garden during the weekly Saturday farmers market held all year..rather snow, rain or shine its all glorious.  CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) vegetable bags are picked up and other items added to your weekly food shopping task.  "What is this vegetable..?  What do I do with it?.."

Welcome to the dedicated cooking conversation and demonstration tent!  Its bold and blue and invites all those questions you wonder about.  "That's a rutabaga and its really easy to eat.  Cut a piece and try it..if you don't want to eat it raw..heat up a pan, add oil and a little salt and cook it up like this.."  "And those herbs parsley and mint.. add it to everything.   Parsley will give you energy and mint will help you breathe better."

Conversations and demonstrations like these are so simple but so crucial.  Introductions from a guided hand can help people become less intimidated by unfamiliar vegetables, fruits and herbs.   

"Will I remember this?"  

Posted on and round the tent will be information about cooking and health.  QR labels will allow a person to view more detailed information, videos and other resources when it is convient.

why we're doing it

The health of a persons body and mind is the solution to everything.  Eating well is the key to being healthy.  Food effects your mind, emotions and body.        A whole rainbow world of vegetables, fruits and herbs provides essencial elements that heal.  The more you include them in your diet the better chance you have to maintain health and be better. To be better at business, to be better at running the government,  to be better at taking care of the planet, be better at family, be better at friendship, to be a better person, to be better.  If you eat well and take care of yourself everything will follow naturally.  Come to our tent. Lets talk about, cook and be well. 


This will provide small compensation to all the dedicated educators  that will be on hand to provide cooking demonstrations and overall health information during the hours of the market.  

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