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the project

We were made aware of one student we serve at Westwood United Methodist who needed outstanding school and lunch fees to be paid, so they can walk at their high school graduation from Gamble Montessori High School in Westwood. We’ve recently heard of another Cincinnati Public School near our neighborhood that had people come together to fund all of their students being able to walk at graduation. Economic status should never be a barrier for students to overcome if they’ve done the work to graduate. We should work to eliminate the hurdles that stand between them and celebrating their accomplishments. Nearly 20% of the 2023 graduating class of Gamble Montessori High School, a Cincinnati Public School, have outstanding fees keeping them from participating in this important milestone. Most overdue student fees are under $200. With your donation we can ensure that 100% of Gamble Montessori High School's class of 2023 is able to walk at graduation and receive their diploma that they have worked to earn.

the steps

We’ve already contacted the school to ensure that every single one of the students has a cap and gown and will walk. Westwood United Methodist will front the money to cover these costs. Help us build awareness and show these students that their community cares about them:

May 11th- gather information on all overdue student fees for graduating seniors

May 11th- Gamble Montessori High School Graduation

May11-May 31- fundraise for the entire amount to forgive nearly $4000 in student debt.

why we're doing it

This project solves a socioeconomic problem. It’s shocking to think that as little as $100 stands between students and the graduation ceremony they worked four years to earn. Earning a degree from high school is a necessity to function in our society more easily. It is required for many jobs and to enter the trades, the military or college. These students are our neighbors and we want to ensure that they have all they need to be residents that contribute to our vibrant and beloved community.


Updated Budget:

WOW! We exceeded our goal! The additional funds will be sent to the Gamble Montessori High School Foundation to cover student fees for future student graduates.

$3741- Covers the outstanding fees keeping 20% of the Gamble Montessori High School 2023 Senior class from graduating from High School!

$357.25- Will cover outstanding fees for the class of 2024 at Gamble Montessori High School.

TOTAL RAISED $4,225.00
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ioby Donation Processing Fee 3% $126.75


$3741- Covers the outstanding fees keeping 20% of the Gamble Montessori High School Senior class from graduating from High School!

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 5% N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee 3% $115.70
TOTAL TO RAISE $3,856.70
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