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What's Next for the WELL Cleveland Project - Beyond Global Wellness Day 2018

the project

I'm Gloria Treister, a wellness infuencer, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and US Ambassador for Global Wellness Day.  My goal is for Cleveland to function and be known as a healthy city and for Clevelanders to become healthier as a result of our efforts.  In a story that was recently released, of the top 184 Healthiest Companies in America, NONE were from Cleveland!  In a recent poll, Cleveland was ranked 137 out of 174 for Healthiest US Cities! Pittsburgh was 44th; Cincinnati was 66th and Buffalo ranked better at 89th!  Together we can change that!  

The WELL Cleveland™ Project is an exciting, volunteer driven, not for profit project designed to engage individuals throughout Northeast Ohio and to connect our communities in healthy, sustainable activities, but in a more holistic way.  These activities focus on the 7-step manifesto for celebrating Global Wellness Day that includes improving the health of people, our planet, our communities and our families and helping people understand the connection between them all.  “We hope the end result will be to improve the ranking of Cleveland in the standings for healthiest US cities and to raise the Wellness IQ and wellbeing of our citizens”, said Gloria, “and, we want to connect people in a positive way.”

To learn more about the history of Global Wellness Day and the basis for our 7 step program visit this website:


the steps

Formalize partnership with Thomas Jefferson International School and other schools, companies and organizations

Fundraise for the remaining costs for materials and supplies

Further develop curriculum and materials including educational programs that teach about biochemical individuality, healthy eating including adding more local, organic and non-GMO foods into the diet, getting more activity into our daily lives including walking, bike riding, etc as it relates to individual health and to sustainability, importance of reducing waste and reducing plastic pollution, importance of community and family as it relates to physical and emotional health and wellbeing and more.

Print calendar of events to educate kids on plastic reduction, outdoor play, doing good deeds and spending time with family

Celebrate the end of the 8 week course with a local community healthy potluck



why we're doing it

Our team of dedicated volunteers have connected with organizations throughout Northeast Ohio who share the vision of improving the health and well-being of the citizens in our Northeast Ohio communities and at your company or organization.

We see this program as a guided path towards empowerment and positivity through education and encouragement focused on healthy eating, sustainability by recognizing our contribution to plastic pollution and reducing our use, community through the doing of good deeds, solid families through the inspiration towards having technology-free family dinners, steps towards getting more activity into our days and encouraging better sleep.  

The principles upon which this program is based are values to which we believe we can all ascribe.

We want a better world and we intend to held pave the way!

Say yes to Wellness!  Say yes to a WELL Cleveland.

“I fell in love with these 7 steps as they are more than the ‘eat this, don’t eat that and exercise’ type of wellness program we have grown accustomed to. We are, instead, incorporating the importance of the health of our planet, doing good for the community and each other, the importance of family with a strong focus on sustainability in the context of health and wellbeing.”  By helping people understand that all of these princlples work in concert with one another and that when we have good sustainability, comaraderie, strong families, only then can we all be well. 

Our project is designed to shine a light on what is important and to raise awareness.  One example is from one of our 26 Cleveland companies that participated in our last 7 Weeks to Wellness Challenge.  During the week of "Don't Use Plastic Bottles", the challenge is designed for each individual to count their contribution to the plastics pollution problem.  Participants  were to count every piece of plastic that they put into the environment.  Every spoon, fork, cup, straw, container, etc. that they used and then discarded. This company wrote to us to say that "we did not realize how bad the plastic pollution problem had become. When we dug in a little deeper, we realized that there are floating plastic garbage patches in the ocean, and even in Lake Erie, that are composed of thousands of pounds of plastic waste.  This is affecting the quality of our water and our sea life and therefore, us!  As a result, this company immediately took steps to become more sustainabie and provided reusable water bottles, eliminated the use of straws on campus and encouraged the use of reusable containers of all types.  Not only are they now more sustainable, but they feel better about themselves and their company!

Another company shared that they began providing healthy, organic fruits and vegetables in their lunch room for their employees.  By buying organic and local, we are eliminating some of the toxic load from glyphosate and other chemicals used in conventional farming, the emissions realted to transporting food from far away places and therefore, once again, being kind to the planet.

It is our intention to take this information on the road and teach our program in more companies, organizations and also to get it into our schools. Our hope is that the lessons taught and learned will be shared throughout families and communities. We need these funds to build on what we have started and take this information to the public!  After all, knowledge is power.



Disbursed Budget 8.24.18

Raised = $4,580.00

less ioby Platform Fee wavied ($35.00)

less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) waived  ($210.42)

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) waived ($126.25)

Total to Disburse = $4,580

Photographer - Nehemiah Stark $1,500

GWD Tee Shirts $750

Public Relations/Marketing $1,000

Event Decor $830

Bike/Walk/Run Organizer $500

Original Budget

Bike Ride/Walk/Run - $500

FREE Food, Nutritional consultations, exercise classes - $750

FREE jump ropes, jumping demonstrations - $1,000

Public Relations - $1,500

Global Wellness Day T-shirts - $1350

Photographer & Videographer - $1500

Decor and Prizes - $1200

Social Media - $500

DJ - $1200

Subtotal =


ioby Platform Fee 


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)


ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)


Total to raise =




What's Next for the WELL Cleveland Project - Beyond Global Wellness Day 2018

The WELL Cleveland Project and Global Wellness Day 


Creating a culture of health and wellbeing is more than just a matter of choosing the right gym, changing the cafeteria menu or holding a biometric screening.  We know that social factors play a significant role in people’s well being and that teamwork pays off in productivity, as well as promoting cooperation, camaraderie, commitment and a positive climate of fun.


Team wellness challenges can be a powerful catalyst for adopting a healthier, more meaningful lifestyle.  By including important factors about sustainability, doing good deeds, having strong family ties, getting proper sleep, we can change the “eat this, don’t eat that and exercise” themes that exist in most wellness programs and put a more purposeful spin on becoming well.


Global Wellness Day was founded by one woman in Istanbul, Turkey in 2012.  In 2018, it was celebrated in 115 countries at over 4,000 locations, including Cleveland.  It is based on a 7-step manifesto as follows and is celebrated on the 2nd Saturday in June annually:

Walk for an hour   ●  Drink more water   ●   Don’t use plastic bottles   ●    Eat healthy food
Do a good deed    ●   Have a family dinner   ●    Go to sleep at 10PM.

These steps are the foundation for our 7 Weeks to Wellness Program that is the cornerstone for the new WELL Cleveland Project.  Based on the principles of Global Wellness Day, we expand these concepts and provide a simple to do online wellness platform that focuses each week on one of these steps as we educate about and encourage wellbeing for all.  By incorporating the health of the individual, our planet, our communities and our families, we believe that we will help people feel more connected and purposeful which then leads to a better life.


In Spring 2018, we had 26 companies participate.  The feedback we got was fabulous as people came together to learn more about, for instance, the plastic pollution problem on the planet and the steps they took to be more sustainable at their company, among other important breakthroughs.


This fall, our goal is to further this program to include more companies, organizations and schools.  The WELL Cleveland Project is deigned to elevate the message of wellness and be a powerful catalyst for healthy behavior improvements. We provide weekly inspiration for participants and ideas that can be done together to make wellness for the individual, our planet, our communities and our families a common goal.  It can be delivered as a challenge and as a competition.


Your support will be critical to our mission of creating a WELL Cleveland.  By engaging your employees, your insureds and others, together we can make a difference. 

For information, contact Gloria Treister, HHP, Founder of the WELL Cleveland Project and US Ambassador for Global Wellness Day at or by calling 440-995-0303.

Spring Wellness Challenge Success!

We finished the first round of wellness challenges this spring!  

It is our intention to make this program available again in the Fall of 2018 so as to engage with the public schools, religious institutions and communities to shine a spotlight on doing good for ourselves, planet Earth and each other... educating people on how to live their best lives in a fun, interactive program.


Global Wellness Day celebration - held on the 2nd Saturday in June annually around the world.

On Saturday, June 9th, joining millions of people from over 100 countries around the world, the Citizens of Cleveland joined in on a celebration of wellbeing:

Starting at 8AM at the University Hospitals Otis Moss Health Center and Olivet Church.  
People will be treated to FREE cooking demonstrations and tastings by UH chefs, FREE produce giveaway of 3 TONS of free fruits and vegetables, free exercise classes, Tai Chi, free nutritional consultations, fun outdoor games, a DJ and more.  

Later in the morning, at 10:30AM, there was a guided bike/walk/run moving the excitement to The Cleveland Museum of Art's Parade the Circle.  40 UH bikes were donated for people to use or you could ride your own bike.  It helped reduce car traffic and parking issues for the ever popular Parade the Circle event and we hope to continue to encourage bike travel throughout the City.

After the Parade, we, at our Wellness Community Space at Circle Village, had fun Jump Roping performances and classes for the entire family, distributed free frisbees and provided more free produce continuing our celebration of health and wellbeing.! 



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