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Long Time No Film

the project

We are a group of film students at Messiah College who wanted to use our senior film project to bring a problem to the forefront. With that in mind, our film settled on homelessness. The basic plot follows a teenage girl who left home at an earlier time. We follow her as she fights through the harsh realities that homelessness presents ranging from the struggle for food to finding a place to lay her head. Also, throughout the film we will see flashbacks of her homelife which involves her hiding her personal issues from her family because of her incorrect embarrassment that comes with such problems. The end goal of the project is to raise awareness to a concern that continues to be prevalent in this country and tell a compelling story.


the steps

With the funding, we would use it towards a higher quality of asthetics (make up, props, etc) to make the portrayal as realistic as possible. Also, films require many crew members who need to eat. The majority of the funds will go to these areas, as well as minor purchases. Luckily, we do not need to rent gear since we are students.

We will start filming before all the funds are gathered, but we will be paying out of pocket. Since we are in school, filming will primarily be taking place on the weekends throughout our Fall semester. However, specific dates are hard to narrow down due to our sparatic schedules. Luckily, we have until the end of the semester to finish filming and then the rest of our school year to have a final product.

In the end, we hope to submit to film festivals to further raise awareness. 

why we're doing it

As stated before, we recognized that homelessness is an epidemic that not many people talk about. Just look around any major city. Streets are lined with those without homes due to problems that affected them at an earlier time. Our film wants to show these realities and not take the family approach. These creative choices are necessary to show what homeless people actually go through. Also, we are not going to ignore the side problems that can come with homelessness, such as substance abuse. The end goal is to encourage people to take action and make a difference. Homelessness can no longer be ignored, and we want to start that change.

Please view the following links to see some of our personal work:



Disbursed budget 1.10.19:

Gas - $200

Make Up- $60

Costumes - $60

Actor Gifts - $150

Hard Drive - $120

Food - $100

Film Festival Entrees - $261.85

Taxes - $450

TOTAL = $1401.85

RAISED = $1,549.00
less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $70.09
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $42.06

Original Budget:

Due to working out of a college, we have access to film equipment and actors. We do not have to rent any gear, which is very fortunate. The only aspects of the project we are paying for are listed below. Also, filming does not impend on when we get funds since we will pay out of pocket until we have raised enough.

Gas - $300

Make Up - $100

Costumes - $200

Props - $200

Craft Services - $200

Hard Drives - $200

Festival Entree - $100

SUBTOTAL = 1,300
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $65
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $39



Long Time No Film

Hello Backers!

Sorry for the delayed update but we have not filmed since the last one believe it or not. However, we finished filming for this semester! Now the process of editing begins and hopefully the final film soon after. Stay tuned throughout the next couple months to see how editing is coming together.

Special thanks for the Gross-ery in Mechanicsburg, PA for allowing us to film in their store!

Back to Back Filming


This past weekend was a busy one. We filmed very early on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the bitter cold. The wind was howling, our hands and toes were frozen, but we pushed through! Hopefully for this upcoming weekend the snow melts enough for us to film some of our last scenes. If not, I will let everyone know where we stand with the rest of filming!

Thanks again!

Filming 11/4/18

Hello Backers!


This past Sunday we had the opportunity to film in Carlisle. It was an early and cold morning, but the film is progressing quite well. We seem to be hitting a stride now and every weekend for the next month or so we will be shooting! Before Christmas all of the footage will be captured for the first cut of the film. Thanks for your continual support and stay tuned for an update next week! 


First Scene Filmed!

Hello! This past Sunday we filmed our first dialogue scene. A special shoutout goes to the Allentown Police for allowing us to film in front of their station, as well as the Officer who acted in the scene. The shoot went great and was a whole lot of fun! Each weekend we should be inching bit by bit towards filming each scene. Stay tuned for continued updates and photos from set.



This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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