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Thank You!

the project

We want to buy a lawn mower for James Alsobrook.  James lives next door to Carnes Garden which is a community and teaching garden we started a little over one year ago with help from our friends and the ioby process.  James waters and tends the garden regularly, but he has lost access to a lawn mower he formerly  borrowed from his brother.  So now James cannot keep Carnes Garden mowed and tidy.  Somer Smith, community organizer and Mary Baker, neighborhood and garden planner  are leading the project and assembling the fundraising team.  We propose to have a 10 member team.  We will ask each team member to raise $60 so we can buy a lawnmower, gas can, and chain and lock for James and he can get back to keeping our garden neat and tidy. 


*All donors have the option of remaining anonymous.

the steps

As soon as we have the money, we will purchase the lawnmower, gas can, chain and lock and have it delivered to Mr. James' house within a week (7 days).

why we're doing it

The neighborhood in which the garden is located is blighted. There are numerous small, vacant lots with accumulated trash, dumping, and overgrowth present. We chose to start a community garden in one of the vacant lots to show that there is a solution for blighted lots.  The lot, once neglected with a uneven surface and buried debris from the structure that used to occupy it, is now a flourishing garden that contains many native plants and attracts butterflies, bees and other insects essential for supporting our local birds. We were able to convert an abandoned lot into a balanced ecosystem where the students and residents can observe the relationships between plants, insects, birds, and other animals in a natural environment.


Carnes Garden is a model for what can be done for many other vacant lots in the neighborhood and serves as a reminder to those passing by that the resident's care about and are proud of their neighborhood. We want to make sure Carnes Garden remains a place in which residents can be proud. We need to tackle the overgrowth before it gets out of hand in order to make sure the garden is a welcoming and safe space for all residents of the community. The next door neighbor, Mr. James Alsobrook, always helps us to maintain the garden and attends every event we hold there. In the past, he has cut the garden’s grass with a push lawnmower but no longer has access to it. This year, he has tried to keep the grass low and weeds pulled but can only do so much without the proper tools. We want to provide him with a lawnmower so he can do what he wants to do, which is make Carnes Garden beautiful. 


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 7/27/15):

RAISED = $559.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $16.28

- $399 Lawnmower (as noted in original budget below)

- $120 Heavy duty chain and lock (Home Depot)

- $15 Gas can (

- $8 Sharpening tool (Home Depot)



Updated Budget:

ioby Platform Fee  waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $16

- $399 Lawnmower (as noted in original budget below)

- $120 Heavy duty chain and lock (Home Depot)

- $15 Gas can (

- $8 Sharpening tool (Home Depot)


Original Budget:

ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $12

1 Lawnmower

- Honda (21 in. 3-in-1 Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower with Auto Choke)

- Model # HRR216K9VKA

- Internet # 203709643

- Store SKU # 404997

- $399 at Home Depot


Thank You!

Fundraising completed with your help!

I would just like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign either directly by donating or indirectly by spreading the word. We have raised much more than our original goal and did it much quicker than I could have hoped. You guys are amazing.


Now that we are able to present James with this gift, we can get back to volunterring at the garden (at least when the weather cools a little)! I hope to see all of you there.


Thanks again,

Somer Smith


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  • Boscarino
  • Mike cannon
  • Laurie MacGillivray
  • Bettie G.
  • Ray
  • Bill carwell
  • Ginger
  • Neysa Rhoads
  • Beth Flanagan
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