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Thank You!

the project

A group of residents called  STAC (Safety & Transit Action Council) decided to get the community ready for summer early this year.

We Keep You Rollin' is the latest idea to engage our communities with more physical activity during 2015. 

This program will help (4) neighborhoods: Golden Gate, Altgeld, Riverside Village & Concordia Apts. get healthier by teaching them about Walking & Biking Safety.

We will install (2) bike racks, establish a Bike Repair service and operate a Bike Share program.

This is a collaborative project of the Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network and partners:

Developing Communities Project (DCP), advocates for developing liveable & sustainable communities thru economic development opportunities.

Golden Gate Homeowners Association (GGHA) "Building A Neighborhood, One Neighbor At a Time". 

Earth Tone Environmental Group, promotes using environmental stewardship skills to teach communities about sustainability

the steps

February--Confirm Community Partners

Contact area schools to support Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) 2015 Events that goes thru October.

Provide, free walking & biking safety guidelines lesson plans, which are part of the PE/Health/Illinois Learning Standards, through the SRTS program.Select a Bike Storage shed and Bike Racks for Bike Share program.


March-- Introduce We keep you Rollin' at Community  meetings & events,  Local School Council , Churches, and Businesses. 

Advertise in school newsletters, community newspapers, on line resources, utilize social media, post flyers at Altgled Library and other local businesses.

Sign up sheet circulated --Request for Volunteers to promote & operate Bike Repair & Share programs.


April--Open Bike Repair Service at 131st & Vernon, next to Golden Gate Park, Chicago, 60827

May 2nd-- Kick off Community Bike Share, distribute fleet of donated reconditioned bikes with registered participants.  

Have a  Bike Parade, around the community, to promote next weeks' Safety Workshop.

May 9th-- Safety Event-- "Take a Hike & Bike" Walking & Biking Workshop,

from 11am to 2pm, at 134th & St. Lawrence.  Presentation by Bicycle Ambassadors, City of Chicago.

Free give aways, raffles, refreshments & smiles!! 

Event site is where many area residents have maintained vegetable gardens, for over 50 years, PLUS area  has historical ties with the Underground Railroad, see the Jan Ton House located nearby.

why we're doing it

STAC's committment to pedestrian safety compelled us to provide more Healthier Lifestyle options to get our communities more physically active. The Bike Repair & Share program is just the ticket needed!

We also need more bike racks installed throughout the commujnity. Currently there are none!  Therefore, if you ride a bike you have to secure it on a fence or a light pole. There are at least 12 locations that could need bike racks, especially, at all area schools.

Plus, more bike riding will inspire residents to be ready when our communities connect to other bike trials planned for the future.

STAC needs your help to get our wheels on the road. Donate today. 


Looking good! Thank you community!
Thank You everyone for all your support...Our Wheels are Rollin' Deloris
The little wheel that could, could almost do anything with a little more oil. We Keep You Rollin needs just a little more oil to make the wheels squeal... Thank you Bike Planning Committee, CSLN, IOBY, Friends and well wishers for all your efforts during this fundraising campaign. Now it's wheel-ie up to the communities to take ownership of the oil can. Let's go out there and pop a wheel-ie! Be Safe, as you Roll On & Out, Deloris


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 4/13/15):

RAISED = 399.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) 19.00
less 3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) 11.62

$30.00     Metal Engraver

$50.00     Supplies, tires, inner tubes, etc.

$30.00    Locks & chains

$30.00   Bike decorations—for bike parade—fringed handle bars, etc.

$100.00    Stipends to operate Bike Repair/ Share –

                                         (5) Saturdays in May 5- 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30.

                                         2 kids per (5) dates @ $5.00 per = $50;

                                         1 adult per (5) dates @ $10.00 per = $50.

$19.60    Postage Stamps

$   5.00   Envelopes & transparent tape

$ 20.00   Copy paper

$75.0 0   Ink cartridge

$359.60   Sub total

$    8.42 misc/ taxes

$368.02 Grand Total





$ 675.00  bike shed 10’ x 8’

  $ 500.00  18 capacity bike r rack

  $ 400.00  9 capacity bike rack

   $300.00   installation of racks

  $500.00 bike safety supplies & repair equipment--  helmets, locks & chains, tires etc.

 $1000.00 stipends for Safety Ambassadors to promote programs & events

   $200.00 refreshments

  $250.00 planning/ promotional costs

  $500.00 uniforms/tee shirts/jackets/caps

  $478.00 miscellaneous

$4,803.00  Grand Total

SUBTOTAL = $4,803
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $144


UPDATED BUDGET (as of 3/12/15):

$675.00  bike shed 10’ x 8’
  $100.00   installation of shed
  $400.00 bike safety supplies & repair equipment-- helmets, locks & chains, tires etc.
$50.00 bull horn/mega phone
 $1000.00 stipends for Safety Ambassadors to promote programs & events
 $250.00 planning/ promotional costs
 $250.00 uniforms/tee shirts/jackets/caps
 $200.00 refreshments
 $200.00 miscellaneous
$3125.00  SUB TOTAL

ioby Platform Fee  35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) 94



Thank You!


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