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the project

We are raising up our youth to be confident and proud of their racial and gender identity. Our aim is to inspire our young people to build upon our rich legacy of freedom fighters and dreamers by learning about their history through weekly study sessions and experiential learning in Ghana. 

Our aim is to bring alive what only a small few have access to in history and current events classes. Children from the Bond Hill community will develop relationships with Ghanaian pen pals their age before traveling to meet and learn alongside young people from their ancestral home. When enslaved Africans were forced upon ships to the Americas, many passed through "the Door of No Return" of slave dungeons in Elmina and Cape Coast, Ghana. It is an act of resistance for our children as young as 11 years-old to pass back through those doors and return to the continent from which their ancestors were stolen. 

Our young people will return back home from an experience that will change their lives forever. It is our hope that it will be the beginning of their journey to join millions of other freedom dreamers to contribute positively and intentionally to their communities. 

the steps

1. Purchase refundable airfare tickets to Ghana

2. Apply for U.S. passports, Ghanaian visas and get to required Yellow Fever vaccines

3. Purchase accommodations, tour guides and meals in Ghana

4. Purchase travel items for those in need (luggage, supplies, etc)

5. Shop for gifts of appreciation for pen pal (and family)

why we're doing it

Young people in the Bond Hill community have little access to activities beyond sports and arts programs. Residents of the community have lamented that there are few activities to engage middle school age youth. There is a concern about guns and safety and we believe that inspired youth that are engaged in their community is a solution to this issue. It is an act of violence for young people to have little to no access to a variety of programs and our strategy is to "stop this violence" so that our youth will not be drawn to participate in perpetuating more violence. Alternatively, they will experience the value of being actively involved in being a part of solutions to a thriving community. 


To offset airfare costs- $9000

Accommodations in Ghana- $10,000

Administrative costs (i.e. passport fees, visa applications, yellow fever vaccinations) $2000

Travel supplies (i.e. luggage, toiletries, gifts for hosts, etc) $1800

Spending money (i.e. souvenirs) $600

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,272
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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