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Pouring cement at Art Forest #2

the project

Following the success of growing Walter Bailey’s first Art Forest in Krainz Woods Park during the Summer of 2017, through Fall of 2018 (see video and photos, above) we are now at work planting a second public art park. This time, integrated with the Farwell Field Community Garden and outdoor walkway on the property of the City of Detroit Farwell Recreation Center we hope to help make the garden and park more of a destination.

This placemaking will consist of 6 double-sided, 4’ x 8’ structures with art panels. Neighbors will be encouraged to take ownership of the project by designing and painting a dozen images that celebrate the rich past and present creative spirit of people who live and work in 48234, District 3.

the steps

In the Summer of 2019 our team received approval from the City of Detroit to begin work on a new Art Forest to be placed at the corner of 8 Mile and Fenelon on Farwell Field property. We poured some cement piers last Fall. These will hold art structures in place.

As we did when building the Krainz Woods Park project our team  plans to sponsor a series of neighborhood workshops where the community is invited in to visualize and make meaningful art that will be displayed in the park. Part of the project will be teaching participants how to scale their art for outdoor public display. Stencil design and production as well as digital projection of mural imagery will be part of this process.  Art assistants, selected from the neighborhood, will be paid for helping design and build the project.

why we're doing it

The experience of growing Walter Bailey’s Art Forest park in Krainz Woods convinced us it was a life affirming idea and worth effort to plant an art experience in another city park. 

There’s a saying, “If you build it, they will come.” We learned, by initiating the first art forest as a neighborhood-driven creative outreach, that  “If they build it, they will stay.” The community directed and took ownership of the public space by designing and making the art. The project promotes the history and wellbeing of the community. It beautifies the park and makes the neighborhood walkable and safe. Krainz Park is now more of a gathering place in the summer, a public space enjoyed more often by our neighbors.  Our hope is to help grow the Farwell Field Community Garden as a destination more Detroiters visit, work and play in by creating an art park on the site.


Disbursed Budget (1.12.22):

TOTAL RAISED = $3,250.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $44.85



Administration __________________________________ $800

Neighborhood art assistants _____________________  $600

Community Workshop ___________________________ $450



4’ X 9’ Alumilite board (3) _________________________ $375

Cement mix and delivery _________________________ $250

Auger rental ____________________________________ $175

Acrylic exterior paint __________________________ __ $100

Miscellaneous supplies __________________________ $305.15

(Waterproofing sealer, Assorted spray paint, Newsprint, Duralar,

X-Acto blades, Brushes, Tape, Markers)



Make Art Work, Detroit _____ _____________________ $325


                                                                 TOTAL: ____ 3,205.15



Updated Budget (1.5.21):

TOTAL RAISED = $3,250.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $44.85


Original budget:


Administrative                                    $ 8,000.00 
Neighborhood art assistants                $3,000.00
Community Workshop                        $500.00 

Equipment & Supplies
(6) Steel super structures  (4x9 ft)       $2,000.00
(6) 4 x 9 Alumlite Center Panels         $125.00 ea = $750.00
Poured Cement                                    $1550.00
Auger Rental                                        $300.00
(35)  Gallons Acrylic Exterior Paint    35.00 ea = $1225.00
(10) 6in x 1/2in Lock Bolts                  $ 2.00 ea = $ 20.00 
(5) 5 Gallon Polyurethane                    $ 75.00 = $375.00 
Paint:  Assorted Spray & Pints             $300.00
Miscellaneous Items                             $400.00 
Stencil Rolls, Heavy Paper 
Rolls, L-Braces, Xacto, 
Brushes, Tape etc.., Markers

Sponsorship/Community Recognition Sign (5x7)               $500.00 
Less Fiduciary Fee % Legal Project Costs determined        $1,500.00
Total                                                                                     $ 20,400.00
ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $632
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $21,067


Pouring cement at Art Forest #2

Last week our team poured the last of 4 pier footings for art-board structures. This is mostly out-of-pocket expense to get as much work done while the weather is cooperative. 48234 is ready and enthused to get to work making new art for the park. Join us! Also, Farwell Community Garden needs volunteers. William, the resident gardner, says the work is plenty -- laborers few. Planting season is behind schedule. Stop by the corner of 8 Mile and Fenelon almost any morning to pitch in


Make a garden spot more of a destination for neighbors

The Farwell Community Garden at Farwell field is an ideal spot to grow the shared public space where people can work and play. Our plan is to plant art structures as a pathway through the trees that border 8 Mile Road, right next to the garden.


In this view of Farwell Field from Fenelon Street, the community garden is at left. The art park will be centered roughly where the orange barrel is placed and run along the tree line at 8 Mile Road.


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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