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the project

At present, our garden members at ‘Dean Street Farmer’s Market’ have been growing produce consistently in their small plots for three to eight years. Our gardeners are planning to harvest not only for themselves, but for the ‘Dean Street’ community at the market.

The current market manager has worked on a volunteer basis for the past three years, assuming most responsibilities for set-up, publicity, and EBT operation.

Although this has been a labor of love, the market manager would like to shift some of these responsibilities to youth assistants and an EBT operator. This project would provide an incentive for youths seeking a real work experience and a stipend for an EBT operator. In summary, with the success of this fundraising campaign we could continue developing our market’s workflow to meet the demands of our community.


the steps

Each week we will have a cooperative table set up just for those urban gardeners who have items to sell and/or drop-off. Quantity and types of produce and flowers will vary week-to-week depending on how well crops grow this summer and fall. With the help of Just Foods Market Network since 2012, we plan to find reliable Green Thumb gardeners and additional regional farmers to sell at the market.


Weekly calls and emails will be made to gardeners participating to find out who will be present, what crops were produced, and the quantity they will bring. The information will be recorded in a weekly journal and receipt book. Since we are a relatively new market, weekly calls will be required to help ensure who we can expect to show up and to develop consistent growth in providing for the market.


why we're doing it

Our market is located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a community in the midst of tremendous demographic transition. When we began our market in 2012, with market training and technical support from Just Food, our goal was to provide a source of fresh fruits and vegetables in what was, at that time, a food desert. Although the numbers of low-income residents have somewhat decreased, we still have senior centers, homeless shelters, WIC centers and strong middle and working class families who need this resource. This is especially important because many of the newer establishments are still beyond the affordability of most residents in the community. We have and will continue to provide seasonal, fresh, local, and affordable produce in a convenient location.





RAISED = $5,413.00
less ioby Platform Fee PAID FOR BY GREEN THUMB $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) PAID FOR BY GREEN THUMB $248.98
less 3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) PAID FOR BY GREEN THUMB $149.39


Additional Small Market Kit: $500

Wash Station: $300

Market and Vendor’s Insurance: $300

Stipend for Two Youth Market Assistants: $1960

EBT operator: $1120

EBT bank account: $100

Advertising: $700


SUBTOTAL = 4,980
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $249
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $149



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