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the project

This project is a collaboration between the Village Community Boathouse, which is based on Pier 40 in Manhattan; Benjamin Banneker Academy, which is a public high school in Brooklyn; and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Last fall we launched a school and community rowing program at the Navy Yard using a boat borrowed from Manhattan; now the idea is to start a separate fleet in Brooklyn. Beginning in January, we hope to build a 25-foot wooden rowing gig--a traditional, fixed seat, four-oared rowing boat--either in or near the Navy Yard.

With a good workspace and a committed corps of builders, we should be able to complete a gig in 8-10 weeks. We plan to offer at at least two building sessions a week, one primarily for high school students and the other for adult volunteers. We estimate total costs to be around $2500.

the steps

Find a suitable workspace--ideally a vacant storefront--and make arrangements to heat the space during work sessions.  

Purchase the materials (plywood, epoxy and miscellaneous supplies).

Begin twice-a-week community building sessions lasting 8-10 weeks.

Sand, paint and name the completed boat.

Launch the boat at Wallabout Channel around the end of April or beginning of May.

Time frame: three months.

why we're doing it

We want to introduce young people to the joys or rowing and boatbuilding; expand access to the harbor for residents of North Brooklyn; and foster the growth of a local stewardship movement that will result in the ecological restoration of what was once Wallabout Creek.


TEDxDUMBO is currently seeking people with urban-based projects to present an ‘Action Pitch’ at the event, and we were wondering if you might be in town and would want to pitch about Wallabout Channel Community Rowing. More details can be found at


Project Budget:


  • lumber and fastenings for strongback and work tables: $200

  • marine plywood (8 sheets): $800

  • epoxy resin and hardener: $400

project total= $1400

total disbursed to group = $1385.44
third party credit card processing (3%)= $41.56
ioby materials and labor= $35
total raised = $1,462


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