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the project

Exploris seventh graders want you to know this: IT'S NOT TOO FAR to walk!

To help build a more pedestrian friendly city, healthier humans, and a less polluted environment, Exploris students are creating a series of directional signs that encourage others to walk instead of drive. Mentored by Matt Tomasulo, original founder of Walk [Your City], students are busy mapping routes that connect significant destinations in downtown Raleigh.   

With your financial support, Exploris School can purchase fourteen Walk [Raleigh] signs to post in strategic places throughout the downtown area. Each professionally printed sign includes a QR code with embedded map and walking directions. Careful placement of the signs can positively impact the health of our city.

Please note all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, but our May 23rd deadline is fast approaching.

Help us walk the walk; give today. Thank you!

School Information: Exploris School is a learning community that engages students in a rigorous, relevant, relationship-based education.  This is done through experiential, project-based learning that empowers students to build a connected, just and sustainable world.

Exploris will be a catalyst for solving present and future problems across the street and around the world. (


the steps

Students are currently busy walking routes, developing maps, and creating signs. As soon as our funding goal is reached, signs will be purchased. Signs will be posted throughout downtown Raleigh by our last day of school, June 10th, 2014.

why we're doing it

Exploris is very much a “downtown school.” Taking advantage of a location close to the city center, Exploris students can often be seen walking to various sites around the downtown area: museums, local businesses, the weekly Farmer’s Market.  Unfortunately, the sidewalks are seldom crowded while the streets are becoming more congested daily.  Our goal is to draw more people toward the sidewalks with the reminder that walking is often quicker, more interesting, and benefits both the environment and the humans that inhabit it.



100% of the money raised will go towards the purchase of Walk [Raleigh] signs. Students will create 22 signs at 



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ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $11



Thank you to our donors!


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