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Frederick K
Queens (Various locations in Queens)
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Thank you! Used cell phones out of the landfills, saving lives.

the project

Each year millions of cell phones are discarded and wind up in the waste stream and eventually leak toxins. Our program collects them and puts them back in useful service for volunteers and seniors as they are able to be used for 911 only calls. Many seniors when released from the hospital will benefit having a cell phone to call for emergency help should the need arise. Many park volunteers get these 911 only cell phones to summon emergency police or medical help in our parks and green spaces.

the steps

Volunteers will collect used cell phones( in any condition) at civic meetings and special events. We will check them and clean them and ready them for use for 911 only calls.

why we're doing it

Our cell phone recycling program will remove many cell phones from the waste stream and prevent toxins from seeping into the ground and water supplies.


ziploc bags--40 boxes at 99 cents=40.00 flyers advertising our program 1000@10 cents=100.00 Cleaning materials 25.00 project total = $165 ioby fee = 13


Thank you! Used cell phones out of the landfills, saving lives.


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