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the project

The Black Autism Community is deserving– of LOVE, KINDNESS, SUPPORT, and UNDERSTANDING. Too often, though, Black people who are diagnosed with autism are found wanting. 

That's why Our Tribe was created by members of the Black Autism Community. We recognize that our children and families deserve better. And it is our goal to build community and a movement that promotes justice and equity for Black people with autism in Cincinnati. Building community is even more important as members of the Black Autism Community emerge from Covid.

In one year's time, Our Tribe has made a huge impact! 

- Hosting 18 events and programs for the Black Autism Community in which 137 members engaged

- Connecting 13 families to the Affordable Connectivity Program that provided tablets to be used as communication devices

- Assembling a community advisory board of 4 passionate and dedicated Black women and mothers who are poised to serve as leaders of the work

- Giving $300 mini-grants to 9 families to offset the cost of medical bills, therapies, childcare, and other  items not covered by insurance

This year we want to achieve even more! 

We are grateful for the success of our first year, but recognize that much of it was a result of there being so much unmet need. Black people with autism need and they deserve more. With your help we will give it to them. Any donation you can manage, whether small or large, means everything and will support: 

  • 4 Quarterly Family Gatherings – Events that reduce stress, build community, and increase a sense of belonging amongst children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder. 
  • 2 4-week Social Skills Groups – Culturally competent therapy groups that teach Black children and teens with autism to improve communication and social skills amongst peers.

the steps

With your help, by the end of the year; Our Tribe will have: 

  • Recruited 10-15 families to attend each quarterly family gathering
  • Recruited 10 Black children and teens to participate in social groups 
  • Increased opportunities for children with autism to develop and practice social skills within a community of folks who love, support, and understand them
  • Increased feelings of connection and support amongst Black families with children with autism
  • Decreased feelings of anxiety and stress experienced by families with children with autism

And most importantly helped us to continue curating beautiful, compassionate, and accepting spaces for the Black Autism Community in Cincinnati!

why we're doing it

Kai, Sadie, Hillary, Max, Jadhiel

These are the names of the children of the co-founders and community advisory board members for Our Tribe. We are passionate about the Black Autism Community because we are the Black Autism Community and we recognize that our community and children deserve much better. Our Tribe is our effort to offer love, support, and understanding and to initiate a movement that leads to lasting changes for the ones we love. 

Please take a look at what our members say and then PLEASE join us in an effort to love on Black people with autism and their families! 

"Just wanted to say, I appreciate Our Tribe. The outings/ events gives us a place to gather without the worry of stares & discomfort. Our Tribe gives us a safe place to completely be ourselves. The support group meetings are wonderful, because I get to connect with other parents as well as learn a thing or two from shared experiences. Thank you for establishing such a group!!" - Crystal Brown 

"As a parent, I want to shield my daughter from everything negative and hurtful. I don’t want her to ever feel unwanted. Finally, Our Tribe, where there are other black families who have children with autism, felt right for us. The first meeting, where I heard other parents’ stories, I cried. Our Tribe understands what we go through because they are in the same situations. Just knowing I have someone who I can contact always means so much!" - Diana Irving 

"I was in other groups, but they just seemed to serve as an informational purpose. Once I found OUR TRIBE I felt like I finally found MY place, MY Community, OUR HOME" - Ayanna McClure

"Here is a positive update following the bowling event.  Mrs. Hattie and my self have been in contact.  Her daughter and Max are basically on the same level.  High functioning with the same cognitive abilities.  They both have similar likes.  Max and I went to a revival at their church Thursday night.  I am in tears while writing this.  Max is very lonely and now has someone he can share his time with.  God Bless Our Tribe❤️❤️❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽"  - Gwen Pierson



Our Tribe would like to host 2 four-week long social groups for children and teens/young adults and 4 family gatherings for the Black Autism Community. 

$10,900 covers the following expenses: 

Social Groups

Curriculum Building (curated by speech and occupational therapists)- $600/group = 1200

Facilitation - $300/session = $2400

Venue - $250/group = $500

Supplies ( Learning materials, snacks, etc.) - $500/group = $1000

Family Gatherings 

Venue - $250/event = $1000

Food - $700/event = $2800

Activity Costs (could include facilitation, supplies for an activity, etc.) - $500/event = $2000

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