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Madeleine B
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City-wide (Bushwick)
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the project

Seeds are a valuable commodity that shouldn't be wasted. Saving and sharing seeds promotes food security while building a community.

the steps

To complete this project, individuals and/or farms need to begin by saving seeds. It's also possible to make an initial bulk purchase from a seed company.

1. Organize members to publicize and maintain seed library

2. Collect seeds

3. Clean and dry the seeds

4. Record information about the seeds

5. Store seeds

6. Plant seeds

7. Restock seeds after each growing season

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why we're doing it

By keeping seeds organic and local we can help prevent the corporatization of the food system. Securing a local seed supply allows New Yorkers to grow their own food locally, minimizing dependence on processed, imported food products.


Seeds from Sustainable Seed Company - $300 Publicity - $30 Supplies from Home Depot (tape, jars, envelopes, scoopers) - $74 Project total= $404 Third Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) = $12 Fiscal Sponsorship = $20 Total to raise= $436



We now have a website!: The Bushwick Food Co-op is still planning on hosting the library. We are coming up with membership guidelines and ordering seeds. We are also tabling at the Breukelen Country Fair at the Wycoff Farmhouse Museum this Saturday.

Thanks Bushwick Food Co-op! Rental space donated!

The Urban Seed Library is now partnering with the Bushwick Food Co-op.  That means that our rental space has been donated and we have been able to lower our ioby project budget by $100.   Thanks!  Help us get to the finish, we are almost there.


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