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the project

The Stone Soup Kitchen is named after the old fable about collaboration and altruism among people. The project will create a series of classes that will help to teach community members "garden and seasonal nutrition" and how to can and preserve fruit and vegetables to eat healthy and save money year-round.

the steps

The funds raised through will be used to purchase the base materials that will be used for our Stone Soup Kitchen canning and nutrition classes.

why we're doing it

The community needs more affordable and healthy food.  A number of community gardens, including our own Park Garden, are operating in the neighborhood.  Canning can help to take better advantage of the bounty from the gardens, and also to help people save money on food year-round.  The program is modeled on the great work done by the Flanner House Cannery through their Self-Help programs in Indianapolis.


Keep up the good work!



1. 2 x Pressure cookers - $200

​2. 2 x Hot water canning baths - $100

​3. 5 x Canning utensil sets - $60

​4. 10 x Misc. utensils and cutting boards - $240

Project total = $600


Third party credit card processing (3%) - $18

Total goal with fees - $618.00

Your donation is fully tax-deducticible



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