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the project

Urban Impact Foundation is a non-profit organization on the North Side of Pittsburgh, committed to helping at-risk youth and their families. Our basketball program strives to do this by using basketball to create a loving, family-like atmoshere. A team setting fosters a unique environment to deeply invest in a player holistically while also creating the potential for a college education through athletic scholarships, which many of our kids hope to acheive. Unfortunately, most basketball programs that can help with this are very expensive and a lot of the families we work with just simply cannot afford them. By fundriasing for our program, we can provide a high-level product at a price that everyone can afford. 

However, we are not just providing a basketball program that connects kids with college coaches. We want to come alongside these young men as mentors, tutors, advisors, etc. so that we can help them reach their full potential and become the leaders in their very own communities. On top of that, these kids will get to travel to different tournaments in different states to face top-level competition, earn college recognition, and experience the world outside of Pittsburgh.

We believe in these kids and we believe that by investing so much into them, they can be the leaders that transform their communities!

the steps

Step 1: Promote our Intramural Basketball program to as many kids as possible.

Our Intramural Basketball program is a welcoming environment where every kid is invited to come have fun and play basketball.

Step 2: Recruit the faithful, available, and teachable kids from Intramural Basketball to try out for our Competitive Teams.

We host two leagues every year, Fall High School League and Winter Middle School League. The kids that play in this league are serious about getting better at basketball and want to be invested in. 

Step 3: Take the highest level players and make AAU/Travel Teams to play in competitive tournaments all over the region.

If you haven't noticed, we want our program to operate as a funnel. This not only gives opportunity to everyone, but also rewards hardwork and dedication. The kides that end up on our AAU/Travel Teams typically have been invested the most in because they have gone through all levels of our programs and therefore have a great shot at succeeding at the next level.

Step 4: Send our players off to college, ministry, trade, military, or workforce.

We want to launch all of our kids into whatever path they might choose. By sending our guys off into the world to accomplish their goals we have succeeded in doing what we set out to do.

Step 5: Empower our current and former students to come back and invest in the generation that follows them. 

As stated earlier, we believe that these kids are the ones who can transform their communities. The best way we can help them is by giving them leadership in our programs after we have equipped them.

why we're doing it

At the end of the day, we do what we do because Jesus did it for us. Our ultimate goal is to reflect His ministry to the kids of this community and by doing that it will hopefully bring these young men to know God's love for them. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of the neighborhoods we work in and where a lot of these kids live suffer from poverty, fatherlessness, and violence. At Urban Impact Basketball, we want to teach them to utilize the game that they love to accomplish their goals in life as well as being the difference in their families, schools, and communities!



  1. Facility Fees                                   $200
  2. Food                                               $5,000
  3. League Fees                                  $8,000
  4. Uniforms                                        $5,000
  5. Supplies                                         $100
  6. Equipment                                     $100
  7. Travel                                            $500
  8. Lodging                                         $4000

             Total: $22,900

TOTAL RAISED = $23,655.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $709.65



  1. Facility Fees                                   $600
  2. Food                                               $6,500
  3. League Fees                                  $14,000
  4. Uniforms                                        $7,500
  5. Supplies                                         $200
  6. Equipment                                     $800
  7. Travel                                            $700
  8. Lodging                                         $7,000

             Total: $37,310


TOTAL RAISED = $23,555.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $706.65


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