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Elizabeth Bee A
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Brooklyn (Crown Heights/Flatbush)
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Thank you message from the project leaders!

the project

We are starting a training program for adults who are serious about learning about and participating in urban agriculture. The program provides hands on field work and technical workshops on urban horticulture, food justice and working with youth.

the steps

 Done!        Prepare a 20 week curriculum on urban agriculture

Done!         Publicize program to targeted audience

In Process- Interview applicants

June 6th-     Run Training Program

                   Introduce trainees to farm and program

                    Hold weekly farm walks, technical workshops, specialized rotations, harvesting and more

October 22nd- Evaluate program with trainees & staff

November 2012- Adjust program for following year

why we're doing it

The Farm provides fresh affordable food for the community, while providing educational and employment opportunities for youth and adults. The Farm is a base for new experiential school curriculum, serving as an outdoor classroom and a catalyst for education from cooking and nutrition to migrant labor rights and trade policy. Student farmers work during the summer on the farm, learning about sustainable agriculture and community leadership. Produce from the farm  is sold at a low cost to the community through a Community Supported Agriculture program and a weekly farmers market.

Our adult Urban Farm Training Program was created in response to the huge amount of request for adult education on horticulture we have received from the community.


$1,400 will cover the cost of partial scholarships for program participants.

Project Total = $1400

Third Party Credit Card Transaction Fee (3%) = $42

ioby Materials and Labor = $35

Grand Total = $1477


Thank you message from the project leaders!


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  • Graham M.
  • Mary C.
  • Adriana V.
  • Santiago C.
  • Reena J.
  • Mariel B.
  • Karen F.
  • Michelle M.
  • Jeremy R.
  • Gaurav J.
  • Lauren K.
  • Adrienne F.
  • Rebecca W.
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