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New Open Farm Hours!

the project

The Bronx is home to some of the nation's highest rates of poverty, unemployment, incarceration- hunger, diabetes and obesity too. It's all linked together. Our community needs community programs that are healthy, educational and affordable. So, we are building a network of farm sites, with on site fitness equipment- that we can grow food, feed people, create jobs and empower the community. We are a core team of dedicated volunteers currently managing two farms and expanding into more spaces. This spring, while we expand our programing to include free fitness classes for local residents we intend to strengthen our greenhouses, install solar panels, develop a rainwater collection/aquaponic system, get a used pick up truck and start delivering to local pantries with each harvest. By the fall we'll have harvested and delivered a few hundred pounds of food to hunger Bronxites and improved on our growing capabilities so that we can grow through the winter. 

the steps

Currently we have four greenhouses and dozens of outdoor grow beds at two sites in the Bronx. In order for us to grow the maximum potential of food that we grow, we need to make sure we can extend our season, install solar panels and a heating system and develop our aquaponics system in our nursery. We need to cultivate more compost and strengthen our storage facility. To work more efficiently, we need to maintain a pick up truck that we can use to move our soil and supplies from site to site. To be more sustainable, and eco friendly, we must install rainwater catchment systems so that we do not continue to rely on city water supply. During May, we will fundraise through our membership and by renewing our 2013 spring cycle grants with Citizen's Committee for NYC and the Buddhist Global Relief. In June, we will begin improvements while managing our current crops rotating harvests and deliveries so that by the end of September, our sites are ready for the change of seasons. 

why we're doing it

Take a trip to your average Bronx Grocery store. It's crazy how you can spend, literally, $1,000 for a bagel just miles from a place where fresh produce is too expensive for most residents. This area is incredibly hungry. The food that is readily available is unhealthy. So, we are growing food and teaching fitness right in the middle of it all. We aim to keep our programs free- because the people who really need help, need help because the help that is out there- the organic tomatoes and fitness coaches- are too expensive. We are doing this because we live here. Because there aren't enough safe spaces and enriching environments in our neighborhood, for our children. 


$2,500- Used Pick Up Truck- to transport soil, plants, food, and supplies from site to site and to distribution centers.

$1,200- 6mm Plastic Covering for Reinforcing Greenhouses from Griffin Greenhouse Supply

$3,000- Solar Panel Kit and Installation for Site 1. 

$3,000- Lumber and Additional Hardware to Improve Structure of Greenhouses, Grow Beds and Storage on Both Sites from Home Depot

$2,500- Aquaponic System/Rainwater Catchment System from The Green Box

$300- Miscellaneous- Gas and Office Supplies as needed.

SUBTOTAL = $12,500
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $625
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $375
TOTAL TO RAISE = $13,535

RAISED = $2,500
less ioby Platform Fee  $35
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $117
less 3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) waived (check donation)

Revised Budget, 9/2/2014

Those funds were used to buy plastic for the new and improved greenhouse as well as grow beds and improved composting, lumber soil and spuds for potato towers, some tools, some flyers, and generally hardware/soil for the Hoe Avenue Space. We did get our truck too.


New Open Farm Hours!

We are now open Saturdays from 9-5 and M-TH from 8-11am for Open Farm Hours to the general public. If you would like to volunteer, please drop by. If you would like to schedule a group visit, or a work day at another other time during the day on weekdays please fill out the form on our site here:!open-farm-days/c6fc


We are looking for a few interns for our summer session. Interns will work 10 hours a week during July and August for a stipend and meals and metrocards and will work alongside our director. They will gain valuable experience and can use the time as community service hours as well, for graduation/college applications, probation, etc. The applications are available on our website here:!internship/coey and are due on June 25th.

HTML workshop!

One of our members is hosting a FREE HTML/Web Design Workshop Series at our Mina's House Headquarters. We know this isn't totally an Urban Farming thing- but is is a community empowerment thing and we are super excited! Workshops will be held every Wed evening in July from 6-7 PM. Space is limited- to apply and register please visit our site here:!html-workshops/cq8i before June 25th.

New site!

We have a new Website with much more info and a Garden Shop! Please visit us at We are super excited about this website as it will be where our fitness resources and downloadable Health is Wealth PDF will be available, in July, FOR FREE, for EVERYONE!


Every Saturday and Sunday we meet up at our Hoe Ave site. The community at large is welcome to come and dig, plant, learn and grow with us. If you'd like to come please email


Yes, we are serious. On May 10th, 2014 we will be giving away 100 Free Trees to residents and organizations or businesses in the Bronx as part of MillionTreesNYC and thanks to a grant from the New York Restoration Project. If you would like one please email You must be able to pick your tree up May 10 between 12 and 3 pm and you must plant it in the five boroughs, on private property.


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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