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the project

2020 has been a year like none other. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges we've been called to meet have been extraordinary: The forced closure of the local small and minority-owned businesses that we support, a decrease in city street cleaning services along our East 125th Street corridor, an increase in homelessness across East Harlem, and the ongoing need to support the health and well-being of our neighborhood.

At the same time -- thanks to our most amazing community -- we've seen skyrocketing growth of our open-air programming, including our two Open Streets at 101st Street and Pleasant Avenue, and our year-round farmers market at 125th Street. Plus Community Clean-Ups, Black Business Walks, Harlem Restaurant Week, Census and voter outreach, and a few more projects up our sleeves that we hope you'll stay tuned for.

To continue to rise to meet these challenges -- as well as anything else that 2020 might throw at us (!) -- we are calling on the community for support.

the steps

We are doing the work! The challenge is to sustain it. With your help, we can continue the progress we have and will continue to make.

why we're doing it

Since the start of the pandemic, we've been working more than ever alongside our small businesses -- to connect them with emergency sources of funding and business advice, share best practices for operating and re-opening, and promote them as they pivot and offer new services. Throughout the spring, summer and now fall, our emergency Small Business Guide has served as a critical resource for both the business owners, as well as residents in need of delivery and take-out.

Though city budget cuts have decreased city sanitation services in the area, and the number of individuals experiencing homelessness, mental illness and addiction continues to rise, our Positive Workforce Clean Team has continued to hit the streets daily, collecting nearly 200 bags of trash per week. You can tell we were there anytime you spot a yellow trashbag.

And while we've always been fans of open-air programming, this year it's skyrocketed! Our year-round farmers market has more than doubled in size, and we're now hosting not only one but two Open Streets every weekend through October. Plus monthly Community Clean-ups, weekly Black Business Walks and events such as the Cash Mob and Harlem Restaurant Week that continue to bring the community together and make us stronger (while at a social distance, of course).



Streetscape / Street Cleaning $8,320
Placemaking / Small Business Support $2,880
Staffing / Administrative $4,800
Total $16,000


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TOTAL TO RAISE = $16,495
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