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Valerie M
1300 W. 7th Street
(Detroit Shoreway - 78th Street Studios)
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the project

Our program is designed to engage the community in simple, practical, and effective sustainability practices to maintain their wardrobe and participate in useful and desirable upcycling projects. We will facilitate, implement and maintain 3-5 varied approaches to encourage and sustain upcycling initiatives in our community to keep local fashion as circular and carbon light as possible.

the steps

Through frequent mending classes, alteration and specific clothing item drop boxes, and reviving old staples into useful timeless styles - we aim to make sustainable fashion in our community a lifestyle habit that anyone can adopt.

why we're doing it

As a fashion designer, I am constantly seeking ways to do what I love while lowering my carbon footprint. I’m always searching for effective and approachable ways to live as sustainably as I can and teach others to do the same. My industry is notorious for leading the world in pollution via textile waste and human degradation with unethical production models. My goal is to be part of the solution to combat the fast fashion industry standard of disposable clothing. By joining others in the fight to use our talents and resources to create real lasting change with small teachable processes, we can move the needle in the right direction.


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  • Salaries and wages = 5000
  • Consultants and professional services = 3000
  • Travel = 1000
  • Equipment = 3000
  • Office Supplies/Materials = 2500
  • Indirect expenses (e.g. rent/occupancy, utilities, maintenance) -  5000
  • Others: printing & advertising, food & beverage - 3000
  • Total - $22,500


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