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the project

At UofO we are building the social and cultural infrastructure to address long-standing and emergent issues in the city of Orange and across the nation. To this end we are raising $30,000 to support UofO’s unrestricted general operating fund. This fund supports all of UofO’s efforts in Restoration Urbanism, Collective Recovery, Music City, and our Digital Campus, an online space for hosting free courses and workshops.

the steps

Your contribution will support the UofO free school as we carry out the following programs:

  • Offer free courses, learning resources, and community connection in person and on our Digital Campus.
  • Support the Planning to Stay Coalition, organizing to raise awareness about new developments that put residents and business owners at risk for displacement and to envision the city that serves the needs of all its residents.  
  • Build our Collective Recovery resource library and workshop offerings with the theme “What’s Ours to Do?” Collective Recovery is the actions and activities that repair wounds to social systems and teaches us that all organizations can play a role in healing.
  • Grow Music City, as we offer virtual and socially distanced opportunities for education and performance and support local musicians and students. We are planning our 6th annual Music City Festival for May 2022 and launching a small business association. (
  • Produce year round Restoration Urbanism events including Jan Term and our 14th annual April Placemaking.

why we're doing it

Our programs and audiences are growing. Our teams are working hard to keep up with demand for facts people need and media they can use.  In 2022 we will continue offering high quality, free digital programs and resources. when it is safe We will also produce socially distanced in-person events which bring neighbors together and support our local economy.

We are facing threats from climate change, new pandemics and political division. Our job is to create a climate of love. Our Collective Recovery initiative invites organizations to ask the question, “What is Ours to Do?” At UofO, we answer that question by sharing the tools of Restoration Urbanism which allow us to understand how we arrived at this moment and to chart an equitable path forward.


These funds will also help us to continue to teach Restoration Urbanism and Collective Recovery to organizations and communities around the country, provide stipends for teachers and performers, continue to build networks of support between musicians and local businesses in Orange via our Music City program, and bolster our organizing and design capacity for the Planning To Stay campaign.

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