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Thank you from The #Untokening!!!

the project

The majority of people who travel on foot, by bike and on public transit in U.S. cities come from  low-income, immigrant and/or people of color communities. Yet the dominant agenda in mobility advocacy is not co-created with with leaders from those communities. Building  on a broader social consciousness around racial justice nationwide, the Untokening will — for the first time — convene equity- and justice-centered mobility advocates from across the nation to discuss critical issues facing our communities today. Through facilitated conversation we’ll establish values around culture, street safety, community engagement, and gentrification, displacement and affordability. We’ll also form powerful position statements that will serve as the foundation for a mobility justice agenda.

Intentionally organized after Facing Race in Atlanta, the Untokening will be the catalyst for a sustained effort to advance justice and equity in communities nationwide, giving a network of leaders an opportunity to co-create a unified vision for mobility — and identify an ongoing organizing platform or structure. We’ll translate our vision and mobility justice agenda into action, working together and with partners at the local and national level in 2017 and beyond.

the steps

  • Finalize the design of the Untokening’s daylong facilitated conversation (October).
  • Design optional pre-convening walking and bicycling tours for participants (October). 
  • Select scholarship recipients (October).
  • Place catering order for a healthy breakfast and lunch for participants (October).
  • Print program materials and purchase all budgeted facilitation materials needed (November).
  • Solicit sponsorship and individual donations throughout the project (September - November).
  • Host the Untokening (Sunday, November 13th).
  • Synthesize Untokening notes and evaluations (December).
  • Publish notes and share co-created values publicly (December).
  • Publish next steps to create and move mobility justice agenda forward (2017).

why we're doing it

Our physical environment plays a central role in determining our destinies. In many cities life expectancy can be mapped by zipcode. A distance of a few miles — even a few blocks — can mean a 20-year disparity in how long we live. Much of this is due to dramatic differences in neighborhood environments, mobility and our access to opportunities i.e. jobs, education, and healthcare. Meanwhile, many of the agencies, institutions, and advocacy organizations that shape discussions and decisions around these matters aren’t led by people of diverse background nor are decisions, past and present, prioritized by those most in need.

To truly reclaim streets for people and make them safe and accessible for all, we need to address how mobility advocacy intersects with race, culture, class, identity, and community. The Untokening will bring together leaders of color and advocates whose voices have been marginalized to create a new paradigm and mobility justice agenda.




Registration scholarships for ~ 25 attendees = $1,250

Travel stipends for ~10 recipients = $1,500

Space Rental for capacity of ~ 150 attendees = $3,000

Breakfast catered for ~150 people = $1,800

Flipcharts, post-its, markers for facilitation = $211

Subtotal = $7,761.00


less ioby Platform Fee ($35) - $0 Waived

less ioby Donation Processing Fee(3%) - $0 Waived


Total to disburse = $7,761.00




Scholarships (for ~ 20 attendees) = $1,000

Space Rental (3 spaces w/capacity for ~ 100 people) = $3,000

Breakfast & Lunch  Catered (for ~100 people) = $2,000

Materials = $1,000

Subtotal = $7000


ioby Platform Fee ($35) - $0 Waived

ioby Donation Processing Fee(3%) - $0 Waived


Total to raise = $7,000


Thank you from The #Untokening!!!




Dear ioby Untokening supporters,

What a day the convening was - and so timely, too. Thank you for your support of this first-of-its-kind gathering, The Untokening: A Convening for Just Streets & Communities which took place on Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016 in Atlanta, GA.

In summary, over 130 folks attended, traveling from around the country (one person traveled all the way from Cape Town, South Africa!). Over two-thirds of our participants were leaders of color and your individual contributions - coupled with generous support from our sponsors, including a 2:1 donation match from Rails-toTrails - made it possible for us to provide 25 registration scholarships and 10 travel stipends for leaders of color! We were thrilled to award financial support to everyone that applied. Additionally, thanks to your generousity, we were able to host the convening in a beautiful and comfortable setting, the Loundermilk Center, in which we had important, heartfelt conversations about the holistic welfare of our communities and where we laughed and built solidarity with one another. This was - and is - so necessary, especially in the days ahead.

So what's next?

  • We'll update our website and use Twitter to keep the conversation going! Please follow-us!
  • We'll synthesize key takeaways from conversations at The Untokening and will draft and publish position statements in early 2017;
  • We'll decide as a group what form and structure our equity and justice-centered work will take and how to convene on- and offline.

Again, many, many thanks for your support! We look forward to continuing the conversations and connections made last weekend and to advancing our shared community-centered visions for mobility equity moving forward.


Adonia, Anthony, Carolyn, Naomi, Sahra, zahra

Thank you!


Hi Everyone!

We're so pleased to announce that -- thanks to 77 individual donors + a 2:1 match donation from Rails-to-Trails Conservancy -- our fundraising goal was not only met, it was surpassed!

Your generous contributions and support will provide The Untokening: A Convening for Just Streets & Communities with the ability to award 25 registration scholarships, 10 travel stipends and allows us to hold our day-long convening at a wonderful location, The Loudermilk Center, in Downtown Atlanta, GA.

We look forwad to seeing many of you in Atlanta on November 13th, 2016! If you aren't joining, be sure to follow us and the discussion on Twitter @Untokening and via #Untokening and #JustCommunities.

Thanks again!

Zahra, Naomi, Adonia, Sahra, Carolyn & Anthony


We're on Streetsblog!

Check out our Streetsblog article on the need for The Untokening. Click here to learn more about our program goals and to make your gift.

Justice-Oriented Mobility Advocates to “Untokenize” Active Transportation Movement at November Convening

The Token One

He was so glad I had “talked about people of color committing violence against other people of color,” he gushed, shaking my hand . . . Read on.


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