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the project

Unpacking "Art" Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead is a summer series of workshops that focuses on teaching art and graphic design to our youth.  Unpacking "Art" Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead is anticipated to begin 3/7/2024 thru 07/1/2024. 

We will provide creative space for "dreaming", creative flair and collaboration where students will either co-create artwork, or select from authorized templates, developing skill and knowledge in an ever-changing digital world. 


The concept of STEAM came about after STEM was first introduced. Teachers of the arts were concerned that with so much focus placed on topics like science, technology, engineering, and math- that the arts (reading, writing, art, music, and the like) would get pushed aside and children would not be well-rounded. We intentionally will recruit students/scholars in high school. Art has many approaches that make it suitable for learning at any age. The goal is to allow for individualized or group projects to create personal expressions.

Our workshop series will continue our work of engaging youth and providing artistic outlets while teaching and broadening awareness. 

the steps


1) Software: Canva, PicArt and similar software.

2) Hardware: Voice-Recorders, Laptops.

3) Develop Core Content: Multimedia content created by subject matter expert, covering initially visual and language art.

4.) Develop a Schedule

5) Recruit Students

6) Implement Workshops

why we're doing it

This approach is based on splitting a problem into parts and solving it through art and creative tools. With the right approach and mentoring, a youth of all ages can learn the basics and concepts while having fun. Our workshops will take place mostly in county libraries, also with the occasional remote/virtual learning environment. Unpacking "Art" Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead, will operate during the summer months, where students/scholars are most available, and seeking desirable options.

Unpacking "Art" Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead, begins increase awareness and provides additional perspectives for those who are dedicated to investing in themselves.

For 16 years By Leaps and Bounds has been working in the community fostering relationships and providing learning opportunities to at risk youth, young adults, and building community with young fathers. Our mission is to build capacity in people. We do this by offering creative skill building programs such as journalism and communications classes, introducing art as therapy, and taking cultural excursion and exposure trips. 


Final budget



ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)

ioby Donation Processing Fee (4%)


Original budget

Canva $140

Creative Cloud $259.00

Hardware $45

Curriculum Development $350/Classroom (6) $2100.00

Miscellaneous Supplies $516.00

Workshop Leader Stipends: $2,940.00

Total: $6000.00



ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee N/A    $0.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4%    $122.45
TOTAL TO RAISE    $6,122.45
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