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Trip Postponed

the project

Union Miles Development Corporation plans to expose the youth to the past, present and future through our trip to Washington, DC. Through this trip we hope to empower the youth of Union Miles. The youth will experience the Changing of the Guard National Ceremony, Fredrick Douglass House, the U.S Capital Building, National Mall and the National Museum of African American History and Culture. 

UMDC looks forward to educating the youth about Fredrick Douglass, through the tour we hope to empower the youth to make change in their own community by teaching how others fought for equality in the past. In the U.S Capitol building the youth will learn about what congress does and how powerful congress is for change. It is our aim to teach the youth about our government and how they can become involved to create change in their country. UMDC aspires to show the youth the beauty of The National Mall and the history behind the monuments. The National Museum of African American History and Culture highlights the contributions of African Americans in America’s history. The youth will have the opportunity to learn how some of America’s values today were shaped by African American history and culture. We feel learning about where you come from helps with where you are going.


the steps

Through this fundrasier we will be able to secure the hotel, transportation, food and sightseeing. We will depart from UMDC early Friday morning (September 14) and spend the weekend exploring and learning about Americas history and our ancestors.

why we're doing it

The Union Miles Annual Youth Exposure trip serves the purpose of connecting our youth to the world outside of their neighborhood and learn about how their past effects their present and future. Our annual trip provides the youth an experience they may otherwise never be able to experience. The trip is of no cost to the youth or their family. They have the chance to experience our nations history while learning more about themselves.


Transportation- $3,000

Hotel- $2,000

Food- $1,000

Subtotal = $5,000

ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150

Total to raise = $5,185


Trip Postponed

Due to the weather on the weekend we had planned for the trip, we have rescheduled the trip for April 2019. Call us at 216-341-0757 for any questions!


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