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the project

This  pop-up event will serve to educate, entertain, and connect members of the Greater Buckeye community and beyond. 

  • EDUCATE: Ujima re-fresh, llc will host 3 community juice demos.  During the product demonstrations, guests will watch a juice prepared live, learn more about Ujima's vision for Greater Buckeye, and connect with other neighborhood leaders around food equity and community change.  
  • ENTERTAIN:  the evening portion of the juice pop-up event will showcase local artists, musicians, and freshly prepared UJIMA re-fresh juices.  The adult atmosphere will be a wonderful temporary gathering space and enhance awareness of available healthy eating options within the village of Greater Buckeye. 
  • CONNECT: the series of pop-up events will not only showcase the healthy juice product, but will also create a space for community gathering & connection.  This space for connection will also be steeped in the principles and values of a responsible social enterprise serving the urban core of Greater Cleveland, Ohio. 

The first POP-UP will be in February of 2017

This project will require the collaboration and inclusion of many partners and volunteers from the Greater Buckeye community. The aforementioned is not a monumental task when transparency, communication, and engagement are paramount points of execution. 

the steps

  1. refine plan for UJIMA pop-up events
  2. recruit & secure team
  3. secure venue, dj, artist, caterer, photographer
  4. recruit volunteers
  5. execute ioby campaign
  6. conclude ioby campaign
  7. follow up to ioby campaign

why we're doing it

We are aiming to combat food deserts. UJIMA re-fresh, llc is working to shift perspectives, one juice at a time. 

The Greater Buckeye community is ripe with neighborhood assets in the forms of development corporations, a major foundation, effective non profits, access to transit, and a commercial corridor beaming with potential.  One stain on the neighborhood is its lack of access to healthy fast food options within its borders. Ujima re-fresh seeks to be a first responder to this community concern.  We aim to provide fresh juices, smoothies, salads, and other healthy food options to residents, owners, and passersby.  

Food deserts plague many inner city neighborhoods throughout North America.  Cleveland is no exception to the rule, but we can break the rules and defy confines if we utilize the principles of cooperative economics to enable UJIMA re-fresh to be a conduit to community change with regard to healthy eating habits and education.  Nearly 25% of rural Ohioans face nutritional challenges compounded by high concentrations of nearby fast food alternatives. This is not just an urban phenomenon, its all across our state.  UJIMA's focus is without a doubt the urban core of Cleveland Ohio and beyond.



DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 1/27/17):

venue rentals  $500
equipment  $2,600
dj  $250
inventory (produce)  $350
supplies  $250
marketing &print materials  $500
video  $200
catering  $450
giveaways  $200
cleaning   $100
Total expenses  $5,400
Total raised  $5,370
personal contribution  $30


RAISED = $5,370.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $155.39



  • venue:                                                                         $500
  • equipment (includes 1 juicer, 2 refurbished blenders, 8 oz and 16 oz bottles, lids, stickers for labels, napkins):  $2500
  • dj:                                                                                $250
  • artists:                                                                         $50.00 / artist
  • inventory (inventory + other inputs):                           $500
  • marketing:                                                                   $300
  • catering:                                                                      $300
  • giveaways:                                                                  $100 (tshirt, button, sticker, cup)
  • cleaning & maintenance:                                            $100
  • technology:                                                                 $100       

TOTAL                                                                        $4,950.00

SUBTOTAL = 5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150



LET'S STAY CONNECTED! sign up for emails!!

What are we up to now?

Hey World!!

Things have been awesome since our campaign closed.  We have been able to make investments in equipment, recruited volunteers, established working relationships with community partners, and been featured in several local publications as a Cleveland start-up to watch.  Ultimately all of our efforts have been building up to Ujima hosting its first community juice pop up event.  April 22nd is the day, 4-7pm is the time!  We are so excited to have Twelve Literary Arts in the Collinwood Arts community host us for this first pop-up.  We've secured catering, entertainment, and vending partners to support our effort to produce an event which educates on healthy eating options, connects residents, and provides a space to support black owned businesses.  


Wanted to write an update today not only to let you know about the upcoming event, but also to show sustained and continuous gratitude to all of our donors.  Every single contribution has been a stepping stone to this very moment and Ujima is eternally grateful.  You have been an integral part in our beginning, and we hope you continue to follow our journey as we grow and develop as a food equity social enterprise via the production of healthy juices and smoothies. 


humbly submitted,



(UJIMA re-fresh)

#buckeyeborn #buckeyebred

Stretching towards the Goal!

I have been beyond happy with the support and encouragement received during our campaign.  Your donations will help us execute some great community programming for our neighborhood and provide a healthier food alternative.  With your support we were able to raise $3,480!!!  We didn't reach our full goal by November 30th but that will not deter us from our objectives.  

In fact we are going to push forward to that goal by extending our campaign through the end of the year.  We believe in this project, and your support shows that do too.  Some deadlines are meant to be broken, so our new mark is 12/31 to raise another $1,700 to reach our goal for this community initiative.  We have to make some adjustments to our programming, but thats fine if we can do the work the right way.  More info to come!

In gratitude,



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