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UD Safe&Sound--1 down, 2 to go!

the project

The University District Police Joint Agency (UDPJA) proposes to launch a critical home repair program in partnership with Jacob's Ladder CDC, and with this upstart campaign provide critical repairs to the first well vetted, homeowner in our District that will stop the process of dilapidation, stop roof leaking and replace window glass and help insulate the home for the winter.  Our first candidate is a third generation UDistrict homeowner in medical bankruptcy with home repair needs totaling an estimated $22,000.  With $2,000, we can keep winter out and stop the decline for this family of four (with two teenagers).  

Jacob's Ladder CDC will work with UDPJA to continue fundraising and leverage this upstart with a designation from the Tennessee Housing Development Authority as our agent for repairs, and additional funding to continue operations, complete repairs for candidate one, vet additional candidates and work with us, house by house, neighbor by neighbor, to restore quality of life and housing value to our UDistrict.  

Please consider supporting our campaign with your generous donation today.  Do it for your neighbors, for your block and to help preserve the value of your own home.  Winter is surely coming.  Please help us make sure every home in the University District is Safe & Sound.   

the steps

1. Secure funding.

2. Contract repair with Jacob's Ladder CDC.  Jacob's Ladder will make the first home repair with no labor costs - all money raised in this campaign will cover materials.  

3. UDPJA board will review applicants for additional repairs as funds become available.  

why we're doing it

Working together to reduce crime and blight since 2012 and realizing a 49% decrease for our efforts, our planning district's most lingering problem properties are no longer characterized as the disinvestments of absentee landlords. Our greatest gains came in battling this group and we continue to successfully use the courts for remediation when needed.  What remains to be addressed in our district is an estimated 650 low-income owner-occupants who were casualties of our national housing crisis, suffering loss of equity, unable to qualify for traditional home improvement loans.  For this group, there is no assistance.  Federal and local program dollars for home repairs are stretched so thinly that even waiting lists have been suspended, and as communities fight hard against blight, our vulnerable neighbors are absorbing punitive sanctions for property conditions they can't afford to correct, making their situations- and ours, as adjacent property owners, so much worse.  


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 3.17.16):

RAISED = $1,410.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $40.05

Costs: roofing labor: $800.00
roofing supplies $450.00
lumber $455.00
paint $50.00
paint labor $140.00
dumpster $375.00
carpentry labor $980.00
Sub-total: $3250.00
Replace rotted ceiling light $500.00
Total: $3750.00
Paid $2,500 from local sources, net 30 balance is $1,250

IOBY disbursement: $1,334.95
Less net 30 -$1,250.00
Total banked for next repair: $84.95


$2,500 will cover supply costs to repair porch overhang and replace rotted wood, including lumber for footers, replace missing window glass along both sides and back of house, roofing materials- wood and shingles to repair multiple roof leaks and replacment wood siding for bottom 4' of back edition.   

Labor for this first candidate has been donated by Jacob's Ladder CDC.  The nature of critical home repairs is that unpleasant construction costs crop up during remediation, making exact materials cost estimation impossible.  We anticipate that $2,500 will cover the costs of this first repair, and any unused funds from this campaign will automatically be turned over to upstart the campaign for the next critical home repair.  

SUBTOTAL = $2,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $75



UD Safe&Sound--1 down, 2 to go!

Greetings, Community Partners! 

Here's our project update:

We knew from the beginning that crowd-funding "emergency" anything comes with special challenges, and we choked on one of those right away, when winter started making its presense known to our first family and their roof risked collapsing under rain and ice.  We also discovered very early on that the roof was too dilapidated and dangerous to put volunteers up there, as planned, and had to rely on professional contracting assistance for all the ladder work.  In short, winter had arrived and we couldn't wait for the completion of this campaign to get started. 

We began treating this project like the emergency it is, and we raised $3000 in additional donations from local developers and the church where this family attends, and proceeded to complete our first 'triage' repair BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  There was a delay in installing a replacement porch light that required an additional $600 in electrical repairs and we went over budget for this repair by $300.  

The funds raised on this platform will cover that $300 overage and be banked towards our next repair.  Through neighborhood leadership, we've identified three other homeowners in need of triage repairs and we will s-t-r-e-t-c-h your generous donations as far as we can, using as much volunteer labor as we safely can.  These other three repairs won't be as much ladder and roof work, at least, so we will be able to squeeze your dollars for maximum impact! 

In terms of growth and sustainability, our application to the Tennessee Housing Development Authority to have Jacob's Ladder CDC be our redevelopment partners and this should be affirmed in April.  Once we have this additional funding stream secured, we will return to our first repair and all subsequent to complete the total rehabs needed.  There is a formal "means testing" process to vet candidates for qualification for THDA assistance, and once we are confirmed I'll be sharing out that process and some links that neighborhood leadership can use to help homeowners tap into this assistance.  

We'd intended to close this January 31, but discovered some of our partners published this link after that date, and want to give EVERYBODY an opportunity to be 'part of the solution' so we're keeping this alive through March.  We promise to be ethical stewards of your donations and will provide a full accounting of each repair and 'before and after' photos with our final update.  

On behalf of the University District Police Joint Agency, University District, Inc. and your UD neighbors, thank you for your donation.  #UDistrictRenaissance


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