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the project

The U and I of Euclid Avenue is a gateway project to brighten and empower East Clevelanders who live, work and play in this community. Covid-19 has forced many in the community into their homes but we are determined to find ways to safely get folks out and creating beuaty in our community.

East Cleveland deserves a beacon of beauty, energy and a celebration of reframing- a new vision of civic pride. We envision fifteen moveable mural pieces done by professional artists, East Cleveland residents and students, installed at businesses along the main corridor of Euclid Ave. in East Cleveland. The project will be a gift for the next generation, through murals that celebrate the history and storytelling of the past. By seeking out images of pride from the city’s newspapers and historical archives a new sense of energy will be inspired by over 100 artists and city residents. The majority of vacant buildings in disrepair directly impact viable business and will greatly benefit from this community project. An extravagant welcome will capture the ethos and energy for what was once called The Grand Promenade of Cleveland. Live music and painting at the weekly Summer Market is the needed consistency to add to the other events. Strengthening the community with more city-supported visual art will be an optic change for the city.

the steps

First step is to raise the funds to compensate the team of artists, residents and students for their time and talent on the project. Next step is to connect with partners and sponsors for mural supplies, with pieces being created during Summer Markets, and installing pieces into the Fall. As pieces are installed along Euclid Ave., we will document the process, spread the word and celebrate our success! This project was intended for 2020, and despite some setbacks we're ready to see the U and I of Euclid Ave. come to fruition. Art doesn't wait for things to go back to normal, it finds a way to thrive!

why we're doing it

Empowering the people of East Cleveland is the utmost priority for the U and I of Euclid Ave., especially now as we see the impact of systemic disenfranchisement in the wake of a global pandemic. COVID-19 has particularly impacted both the Black community and the artist workforce. People are still dealing with the heightened health risks, the social disconnectedness and the economic impact this past year has brought. As a dedicated community organizer, volunteer and artist in East Cleveland, project leader Mark K. Thomas understands how important it is for artists and residents to keep creating, sharing their stories and finding empowerment in outdoor spaces. This project provides a paid opportunity for artists to create a moveable mural, which can then be installed outdoors by the coordinating team. This creates a space for expression and celebration for a decreased risk of exposure.


This project will pay artists, residents and students to create fifteen original works of art. $7,500 - $500 payments to fifteen artists and residents $1,000 - $100 payments to ten students from East Cleveland City Schools $1,500 - Art Supplies TOTAL: $10,000

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TOTAL TO RAISE =    $10,215
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