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Pics from our most recent fitness classes

the project

Over the past 6 years, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council has been fortunate to fully subsidize the Fitness program with the assistance of grants and has been able to provide the Two Bridges Fitness program free of charge.  This year Two Bridges Neighborhood Council needs your support in order to continue to subsidize the cost of the program. We offer Tai Chi & Qi Gong, Zumba, Yoga, Boxing & Self-Defense and also partner with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation's Shape Up program, to offer free classes.

Last year, over 300 participants attended at least one of our fitness classes, and 100 residents came from the local community. This fitness program has become a place where people can find a high quality program, make new friends, and achieve some of their fitness goals without the burden of having to pay a gym membership fee. Several participants have lost weight, learned how to manage some of their chronic pain, and continue to bring their friends and family to class. In the Lower East Side, free programs like this are hard to come by and are desperately needed as our community begins to age with limited access to affordable, recreational activities. 

One elderly participant shared that he had been suffering from diabetes and his doctor recommended that he exercise to lose weight. He couldn't find an affordable place in the city where he felt comfortable until he heard about our program. He came to our morning Tai Chi class, 3 times a week, and practiced his forms with about 15 other seniors and slowly he started to lose weight. He stumbled through some of the forms, but persistently tried to perfect the moves with balance and grace at every session. Every day he got a little better. With a grin on his face, and some excitement, he shared with a staff member that he received a good health report from his doctor and it was because he started to exercise!

Hidden stories like this exist all throughout our program, as each person that attends has a reason for why they want to become healthier. We hope to prop up these stories and celebrate their personal accomplishments as we fundraise over the next few weeks. Be a part of the journey and donate to support our fitness program!



the steps

October 2018

  •  Celebrate the success of the fundraising campaign.
  •  Purchase new equipment for fitness classes.


  •  Implement Two Bridges Fitness Rewards program. Raffle drawings occur on the second week of every month. 
  •  Pay instructor fees for Yoga, Zumba, Evening Tai Chi, and Boxing & Self-Defense classes.


why we're doing it

In the Two Bridges neighborhood, over 40,000 people call this place home and live in NYCHA, and mixed-income housing.  The population is rapidly aging and residents are in need of low-cost, health and wellness programming to stay fit and healthy. Our fitness classes are offered to the community and engage residents of all ages, including the elderly. The program allows participants to create a sense of community by exercsing together through dance, martial arts, yoga, and self-defense classes. Participants find a sense of routine and encouragement, as well as calm, in the midst of a neighborhood that is rapidly changing. Newcomers, often become regulars, and regulars often become ambassadors, encouraging friends, family, and neighbors to join. The Two Bridges Fitness program has become an important health asset to many people who live and work in the neighborhood as it not only provides physical health benefits, but social and mental health benefits as well.






Disbursed budget (10.11.18):

Revised Project Budget Instructor Fees $4,595.15

Materials & Supplies $600.00

Incentives & Rewards for Fitness Participants - We will seek other fundraising methods, such as corporate asks, to sponsor incentives for fitness participants

Total $5,195.15

RAISED = $5,386.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $155.85


Original Project Budget

Instructor Fees for Tai Chi, Yoga, Zumba, and Boxing & Self Defense = $15,710
In the past year, over 100 local residents have walked through our doors to stay active! Every week we offer four classes that are taught by professional instructors. These instructors have either lived or worked in the neighborhood for many years and were recommended by local participants. 

Materials & Supplies = $600
We provide participants with exercise mats and dumbells to use during class, depending on the instruction. Many of the mats and equipment need to be replaced due to weekly wear and tear.

Incentives & Rewards for Fitness Participants = $1,200
Every month we have a raffle for participants to reward them for staying active and attending fitness classes. 3 winners are selected each month and are gifted a prize in the form of fitness equipment or gear to help them live a healthier lifestyle.

SUBTOTAL = 17,510
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $525
TOTAL TO RAISE = $18,070



Pics from our most recent fitness classes

These a few pics from our recent fitness classes

Thank You For Helping Us Reach $1,200!

Thank you to Carol L, Heather Chait, Ishmael Alvarado, Carlos Gardels, Fred Kaplowitz, July, and to our anonymous donor! You helped us reach $1,200 on our online fundraising campaign for the Two Bridges Fitness Program. Because of your donation, all of our fitness classes will have new equipment this year. Thank you! Help us reach $4,000 by the end of the week and support our program. Want to donate $500 or more? Contact and learn how you can become a match donor to see your donation grow. Happy Monday!


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