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the project

The Two Bridges Elites Basketball Program is more than just basketball.

Our Project will help meet the demanding needs of our growing team (In 2019, we grew 30% jump from the previous year, totaling 80+ players (ages 8-17).   

Although our successful program provides free recreational basketball in a community that struggles to find free and open play for local youth in the Lower Manhattan community, we struggle to pay for all the resources needed to pay for free and open play. This includes practice space at two local elementary school gyms, registration and travel to local leagues and invitational tournaments, uniforms, educational resources and training from experienced and first-rate coaching.

In addition, because part of our community mission is to engage and serve the community, we use basketball to help inspire civic engagement by requiring our team to give 20+ hours/year with our various volunteer projects. These projects require logistical costs, such as travel, materials and supplies.

the steps

Once the funds are raised we will be able to order uniforms for those players currently without team jerseys/shorts, pay for the upcoming tournament registration fees for 2020 and maintain the cost of our assistant coach and hire a girls' basketball coach by offering stipends for travel and expenses throughout the calendar year.

Additionally, the funds will also allow us to pay for insurance, facilities and  transportation.

why we're doing it

Despite poverty levels reaching all-time lows in New York City, Lower Manhattan’s poverty rates are higher than the city average.  Household families in the community, especially people of color or immigrant families, are unable to afford the growing supply of pay-to-play youth recreation leagues. 

We're particularly proud of our "Fun, Run & Gun" basketball model, which puts every youth regardless of talent level in a position to succeed during competitive play. Every player is a superstar and a role player with the ability to lead, score, defend and hold each other accountable. In addition, all our players also receive the same detailed training regiment, from conditioning drills, nutrition education and encourage are older players to help teach proper form to junior members. 

As part of our evolving mission to engage and serve our Lower Manhattan neighbors, we believe our youth are the best to build and inspire a stronger community.   

Our Project will be able to help provide free and open basketball play, as well as inspire community engagement in our youth by funding:

  • Gym space for basketball practices, used twice/week,  at two local elementary schools for one calendar year 

  • Registration fees for league and tournament play across New York City, Newark, New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA and in the state of South Carolina 

  • Travel expenses (bus/subway, Amtrak, van rental and plane) to attend local leagues and the various annual tournaments 

  • Stipends for one assistant coach and a stipend to attract a girls’ basketball coach 

  • Uniforms (jersey and shorts)

  • Meals/Refreshments during travel 

  • Logistical and travel expenses for our three annual volunteer projects in Chinatown, Little Italy and Lower East Side Projects include our annual Marco Polo Street Pageant & Festival (an annual cultural festival that promotes Chinatown and Little Italy's cultural and historical


Disbursed Budget:

Coach's Salary, - $7,127.35

Basketball League/Tournament Registration for 5 teams - $5,800

Stipend for Current Assistant Coach and Stipend to attract and hire
additional Assistant Coach - $2,700

Travel Expenses - $2,500

Insurance - $1000

TOTAL RAISED = $19,755.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $592.65

Original Budget:

Our Project Budget reflects the remaining 50% of what we wish to raise for our Basketball Program 85+ local youth (ages 8-17).

Coach's Salary, Stipend for Current Assistant Coach and Stipend to attract and hire additional  Assistant Coach - $19,000

Gym Space (multiple gyms) - $3,000

Basketball League/Tournament Registration for 5 teams - $1,500

Travel Expenses - $2,500

Annual Volunteer Projects in Chinatown, Little Italy and Lower East Sie - $2,000

Uniforms (Jerseys and Shorts) - $2,000

Meals/Snacks/Refreshments - $500

Insurance - $500

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $960
TOTAL TO RAISE = $31,995


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