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Jimmy J
Corner of Shore Road & Bay Ridge Avenue.
Brooklyn (Bay Ridge)
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Thanks For Providing an Educational Opportunity!

the project

The Narrows Botanical Gardens' Turtle Sanctuary is meant to harbor native turtle species that are in crisis. The sanctuary is also to educate the general public about native turtles. These turtles will act ambassadors to represent the crisis they are facing

the steps

1. 18"" wide aluminum flasking will be purchased from a local roofing company 2. With stainless steel wire, the flasking will be attached to existing plastic barrier enclosing the sanctuary. 3. The enclosure is approximately 800 ft. in length.

why we're doing it

Need aluminum flask fencing to construct a barrier in which contain native turtles within a safety area (and to keep predator animals out.)


1. 1200 ft. of 18"" wide aluminum flasking - approximately $1200 - McDonald Avenue Roofing Co. (1 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY‎ - 718-339-0555‎) 2. 2 roles of stainless steel wire - approximately $100 for both - McDonald Avenue Roofing Co.


Thanks For Providing an Educational Opportunity!


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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