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Thank you to our donors! We passed our goal!

the project

The Tufts Park Community Garden, located in Tufts Park between the basketball courts and the parking lot of Medford’s Curtis-Tufts High School, will be a fenced area containing approximately 22 garden plots, a shed, and a communal picnic area/outdoor classroom.

The plots will be available to residents of Medford, MA through an application managed by the Medford Community Garden Commision.

the steps

The garden site has been approved by the City of Medford and the Medford Community Garden Commission.  The soil has been tested for common contaminants, such as lead, and the results were acceptable. In addition, the site’s historical usage was researched and no causes for concern were identified.Tufts Park Community Garden Site

By February 2017, we hope to have secured all the necessary funding. We aim to install the water system, fence, and beds by April 2017, with the goal of having the garden ready for the 2017 growing season.

why we're doing it

Medford, MA has over 56,000 residents but only four community gardens, with a combined total of 88 plots. As a result, the waiting period for a garden plot is over five years and only growing longer.

The addition of 22 garden plots will allow more people in the city to experience the benefits of gardening which include:

  • Enhancing nutrition and increasing physical activity

  • Fostering community ownership and civic pride

  • Stimulating educational and social interactions between generations and cultures

  • Allowing people to grow traditional foods not available in supermarkets

  • Serving as an outdoor classroom where youth can learn valuable skills

  • Conserving resources by saving on the transportation and packaging of food

  • Reducing family food budgets

  • Preserving green space

  • Recycling organic waste back into the soil

  • Encouraging people to understand the connections between people, agriculture, and nature

Finally, Tufts Park is located in the heart of an ethnically and economically diverse neighborhood, and is close to the Curtis-Tufts High School as well as the Columbus Elementary School, which would create opportunities for students and families from both institutions.


Disbursement Budget (as of 2.1.17):

Garden Beds $2,200

Common Area $400

Water Service $1,500

Signage $400
Miscellaneous garden supplies $166

RAISED = $4,666
 less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) waived

Revised Goal (as of 1.10.17):

Revised fundraising goal! Great news!

Due to the generosity of three offline donors, who have collectively donated $1,900, we are delighted to reduce our online fundraising goal to $4,500 to put towards the items in our list below. (Thank you East Boston Savings Bank, Medford Garden Club, and anonymous for your offline gifts).

SUBTOTAL = $4,500
ioby Platform Fee  waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) waived

Original Goal and expense list:

Garden Beds $2,200

Shed $1,100

Common Area $2,000

Water Service $1,500

Signage $600

Total $6,400

This total does not include the fence as it is already funded.

Tufts Park Community Garden SUBTOTAL = $6,400
ioby Platform Fee  waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) waived
TOTAL TO RAISE on ioby = $6,400




Thank you to our donors! We passed our goal!

The Tufts Park Community Garden is fully funded! The Friends of Medford Community Garden thank all our donors for their generosity and support! Without you, this garden would not have been possible.


The remainder of the winter will be spent planning and preparing so that we are ready to build this spring. Please follow Medford Community Gardens on Facebook to track our progress.


Again, thank you!

Sarah, Brian, Syrah, Tim and the rest of the fundraising team.



Revised fundraising goal! Great news!

Revised fundraising goal! Great news!

Due to the generosity of three offline donors, who have collectively donated $1,900, we are delighted to reduce our online fundraising goal to $4,500!

Thank you East Boston Savings Bank, Medford Garden Club, and anonymous.

Plaques for our 'Plot Sponsors'

To all our Plot Sponsors, THANK YOU for your generosity! As promised, we will place a simple plaque, inscribed however you choose, on one of the new garden plots in the Tufts Park Community Garden.

Brian Duran.jpg

Once the fundraising period has ended, we will contact you to determine what you would like to appear on your plaque. (It is very important that you include your email address during the checkout process so we can contact you after fundraising has concluded.)

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us at

(Image for visualization purposes only. Actual plaques will differ.)

Tis the Season

With the temperatures below freezing and snow in the forecast, it might seem like strange timing to plan a community garden, but don’t be fooled! Winter is when gardeners plan.


There is no better time to reflect on the last growing season and think about the upcoming one than when forced out of the garden and inside by frozen ground. Garden supply companies know this and seed catalogs have already started to arrive so that gardeners can look ahead to perfect gardening weather and fresh produce while ordering seeds and preparing to start seedlings.


Please help us give gardeners in Medford the opportunity to dream about warmer days and the vegetables they might be able to eat straight from the garden this coming year by making a donation and sharing our campaign with friends and family today.



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