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the project

With idea of World Peace seeming so far fetched, I was troubled trying to find ways to tie this concept in my community.  I have a vision that by implementing ways to integrate, negotioate, meditate and communicate, I can start building on the World Peace concept one child at a time.  I believe that we must not just stand by and have conversations about world peace but start living in it.  

The Tribe of Eli Foundation was founded four years ago and has been successful with reaching youth.  Currently there is a limit to the resources that we can provide the children due to low funding.  With this project we plan to raise $5000 to implement more sessions.  We would like to purchase more instruments, snacks for sessions, and also supplies for projects we have planned.  We also would like to be able to pay employees and operating cost to keep the foundation running and relevant.

Music has always been my outlet and therapy and I would like to start early teaching youth how powerful this tool can be if used correctly in thier lives.  I would like to instill hope, inspiration and encouragment in each youth I come into contact with, showing them that if I was able to overcome, so can they!

the steps

Purchase more instruments

Purchase snacks

Hire two employees

Seek Home Location

Book at least two sponsored sessions

Invest in future fundraising activities


why we're doing it

The Tribe of Eli Foundation is a life affirming outreach music therapy program that empowers entire communities through cultivated community partnerships throughout the city of Cleveland, Ohio.  Sadly, music has been taken out of most inner city schools due to lack of resources, however, we feel that every child should experience the gift of music.  Our program helps to fill this void going into different schools, using drum therapy as an outlet for youth to channel their frustrations by drumming rather than violence and anger.  Along with drum therapy, the program focuses on building courage, problem solving, self respect, respect for others and leadership so that Our children can better Our world.  Our team brings motivational speakers of all genres and one on one mentorship, all while incorporating the arts which provides a positive atmosphere for the youth to productively express themselves creatively, through music.

The Tribe of Eli Foundation is very adamant on teaching the youth about unity and diversity.  Hatred and racism are still very prevalent in our society and we believe that a lot of those behaviors are learned during ones’ adolescent years.  We try to stress the importance of respecting those who may not look like you, those who may have different religious beliefs or may live a different lifestyle as a whole.  It is important that we lead the youth by showing them in our actions that it is okay to “agree to disagree”.  It is important that we teach our youth to be leaders and not followers and the importance of leading by example.    



Food, 350

Transportation, 150

Supply/Musical Equipment, 1,000

Building Space Rental 500

Employees 2,000

Teacher 1,000



ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $156




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