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the project

As part of a recent Municipal Branding initiative undertaken with guidance from Northeast CT Council of Governments (NECCOG), Thompson has adopted a commitment to present itself as a Green and Growing Community. To fulfill that commitment, we have developed projects to strengthen and emphasize this identity. In this campaign, we are seeking funds to support development of a comprehensive wayfinding system, highlighting destination areas such as our extensive trails system, special historic landmarks, and key vehicular decision points. Thompson has already taken some early steps toward this goal, including a photographic inventory of existing signage in town, provided by volunteers from the Thompson Historical Society; commitment of “seed funds” from the Economic Development Commission (EDC); and the engagement of engineering firm CME to map out a plan and timeline for how to develop such a program. The funds requested in this campaign are to help us meet the cost estimates outlined in that proposal by CME.

the steps

Task 1 – Research & Project Area Analysis 6-8 weeks starting January 2020

CME will work with the Town to identify important wayfinding signage locations and provide the Town with recommendations of the signage plan, destination areas and key vehicular decision points. CME will also assess existing signage and identify any potential issues.

Task 2 – Strategy & Input  6-8 weeks

With coordination from the Town Economic Development Commission and EDC Branding Committee, CME will hold a community workshop to gather input that will later be documented, analyzed and incorporated into the Wayfinding Plan.

Task 3 – Program Design & Standards 6-8 weeks

Based on the gathered input, CME will analyze and integrate that information and create 2 design options for the Town’s Wayfinding Program. Signage proportions, dimensions, materials, color, fonts and estimated fabrication costs will also be provided during this stage. The Town will have an opportunity to make up to three revisions to the design.

Task 4 – Design Guideline & Master Plan Document 6-8 weeks, concluding no later than 30 September 2020

Based on the results of tasks 1-3, CME will develop a design guideline and standards document for the Town that clearly identifies all potential wayfinding signage location, finalized signage design including specifications, material selection and potential manufacturing options. The Town may use this document as a basis for soliciting fabrication and installation bids. Potential funding opportunities will also be clearly identified.

why we're doing it

  • The pursuit of this wayfinding program is an outgrowth of a recent civic planning exercise, in which residents identified their priorities for the development of Thompson’s historic downtown district. In that exercise, 91% of participants ranked Local Identity and City Branding, and 82% ranked Historic Landmarks as "Important"  Other concepts showing majority support were Pedestrians and Signage (73% “Important”); and Wayfinding (64% “Important”). Developing high quality signage and other wayfinding elements to enhance and improve access to historic landmarks and outdoor recreation amenities is a reflection of the stated values of our own community, as well as an opportunity to improve our profile with visitors.


​​Disbursement Budget:

Research & Project Area Analysis $4,000.00

Strategy & Input $7,500

Program Design & Standards $6872.08

Design Guideline & Master Plan Document $2500 

TOTAL RAISED = $21,225.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $317.93

Original Budget:

  • Research and Project Area Analysis $4000
  • Strategy & Input $7500
  • Program Design & Standards $6000
  • Design Guideline & Master Plan Document $2500

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $620
TOTAL TO RAISE = $20,655


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