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Jean S
FMCP at Willow Lake, The Pat Dolan Trail
(Flushing, Corona, Kew Gardens, and Forest Hills)
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the project

To create and develop a TrailBlazer Group at Flushing Meadows Corona Park to help maintain and improve the Trails at Willow Lake preserve.  To Promote environmental diversity of plants and Trees at the 43-acre location along The Pat Dolan Trail.   Also, to expand the area for a more accessible and friendly experience on the trails. 

the steps

First, we will brief all the TrailBlazers on what we will be doing on the trails making them an accessible and friendly experience.  1 to 3 sessions

Second, start the hands-on training on how to use the material and equipment safely.      1  to  4 sessions

Third, schedule teams for the different jobs on the trail or in a work area. 

At this point,  every other week schedules can be made-up and people can see what has to be done and can sign-up for it.

why we're doing it

People are looking to get out of their homes and meet others with the same interest.  Volunteering is one of the best ways to make new friends and want to learn how to do something you never had the time to do.  But the most significant part of this is that YOU are giving something back to your community that it needs and it's  NOT costing a penny.    Only a couple of hours a month in the outdoor and getting some needed exercise with your new friends & buddies.


Equipment- Branch & Stems Pruner (various sizes) Folding Saw, Multi Purpose Planting Tools, and various other tools        1,000


Various Small Garden Tools & Hoses, Safety items, Gloves, Hats, and T-Shirts, First-Aid Kit                                                         500


Various Plants, Trees, Fertilizer, Planting Soil, Wood Chips                                                                                                           2,000


Wood for Planter Boxes, Paint, Brushes, Roller/Pan, Paint Spray cans                                                                                        1,500


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