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the project

Time's Up! Environmental Group is in the process of archiving our 25-year history of working on environmental issues, preserving public spaces, and defending the right to assemble. Decades of our actions and demonstrations, captured through video, photographs, press articles and other forms of media have been accepted by the esteemed Tamiment social justice archive at NYU Library and the future MoRUS Museum in NYC. We want to share our stories, show our observations, and educate others using all of this priceless historical information through our archiving project.

Thanks to the hard work of dozens of interns, volunteers and project leaders, over 80% of the archiving project has been completed.

We seek support to ensure that the balance of the work is properly completed. With your help, we can cover the rent and computer equipment necessary to finish the archiving project.

Our collection includes rare footage of community gardens being destroyed by the City, activists risking arrest to save other gardens, and citizen journalists exposing countless civil right violations. It also consists of hundreds of press articles tracing the positive influence of direct action on the development of bike lanes and green infrastructure. Thousands of photos dating back to the 80's tell a story that will educate newcomers in our neighborhoods about how past actions and struggles have shaped the places they live and the green and public spaces they enjoy everyday.

Success is so close. With your help, we can provide the tools, knowledge and historical experience needed for anyone to step up and make a difference in the community.

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the steps

  • Over 800 press articles are to be organized by year, scanned and uploaded online.
  • Over 10,000 35mm photo and digital images are to be uploaded and coded, sorted by photographer, event, and issue to enable an easier searching option 
  • Thousands of hours of footage in a wide variety of video formats (beta, vhs, dv & hd) to be logged, digitized and sorted by date and events.
  • Part of the collection will be placed online to be shared with the esteemed Tamiment social justice archive at NYU Library and the future Morus Museum in NYC, which already house a good portion of this archive. The rest of the collection will be made assessable to non-commercial investigations including citizen journalists, non-profits and attorneys and commercial use for reasonable fees.

why we're doing it

Goals for the Project:

  • Documenting and sharing the experience and knowledge we are gaining, which can be used as a training tool for present and future activists.
  • To contribute Time's Up! media to the Tamiment Library and MoRUS (Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces) in NYC so they can share and protect the history it represents.
  • To contribute to non-commercial investigations including citizen journalists, non-profits and attorneys.
  • To have the media organized and easily accessible to fulfill external requests.
  • To update the Time's Up! website with historical content and other content throughout the years leading up to our current projects, and more.


Office rent:

$1800 ($450 a month / 4 months)

External hard drives:

$1425 (3) G-Raid Video hard drives

Total project costs = $3225


Third party credit card processing (3%) = $96.75

ioby materials and labor = $35


Total to raise = $3,356.75


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