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the project

The Hattie Carthan Herban Farm seeks support to continue our ramp up efforts of the small healing farm. In 2021, we were successful in upgrading the apothecary and kitchen areas, we also began our mushroom  and worm trials on the farm. Now, we want to continue learning about our fungi, growing our relationship to them by improving the Eastern section of the farm with inoculated logs in order to cultivate  a Full colony which can provide a niche product for Immune system repair and healing.  We intend to finish up our outdoor baking area ,install a large Social justice mural featuring Hattie Carthan and local female environmental leaders,  replenish resources in order to continue offering free purification, grounding meditation help and herbal healing processes to people helping to repair and regenerate the Earth .


the steps

3/1/22 - Reconvene planning sessions with local artist collective 

3/5 Meet building Team with schematics for 2022 community projects

3/15 Order building materials and supplies

4/1 Work begins on ground - Finish baking shelter and insulate oven, insulate apothecary and herb drying room

4/15 - Launch promotional and advertising campaign for Healing farm - Place bus shelter ads

6/1/22 A Time for Healiing Solstice celebration

8/1/22.  Mural Raising ceremony

why we're doing it

Our healing justice farm is a connective experience for all which centers the plants,elements and our relations guided by the food justice metareality.  We believe that until the land has spoken, the hunters will continue gathering the body of our Earth"

As stipulated in the food justice manifesto - "we are committed to being a social movement which does not requires activists to sacrifice their economic wellbeing, health care or personal safety for the greater good. We are the greater good."

From its community inception in 2012, The Hattie Carthan Herban Farm has been about the health and wellbeing of our ecosystem, its members, neighbors and all those finding themselves at the intersections of our societal systems. For a decade we've used grassroots methods to remediate and revitalize an oil strewn lot aka brownfield into a thriving community space where all can gather to repair, heal and regenerate through plant, sound and elemental energy healing practices. Your donations help us to amplify those voices and energies in function of Earth repair.


Disbursed budget 5.6.22: 

$3000 - Purchase cob materials to insulate apothecary and herb drying building

$3250.02 Labor costs associated with cob building and insulation.

TOTAL RAISED = $6,366.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $115.98



Original Budget 01.04.2021

Mural-6 community Artists                                $2500

Mural Materials                                                $2500

Mason Materials,cob insuators for brickoven      $4000

Mutual Aid Fund,Free farm dinners,Purification   $3000

Promotional Items,Advertising for Farm             $5000

Labor Costs                                                     $3000

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)


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