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Become a HELP to the THUNDER ROAR cause!

the project

The goal in this trade course is to create more jobs for individuals in low income area's and Educate them on how to become successful Entrepreneurs. Thunder Roar is a company based upon family. We want to see our communities grow, become safer, provide more housing and teach not only youth but any adult as well how to maintain and keep a home rehabilitated with basic trade skills in construction for Home Renovation. Our success would not work without community support. We want to ensure that with this trade enhancements course, anyone that decides to come on board will have all the basic knowledge and hands on in field training to move forward and become more successful for their own individual careers!

the steps

By January 2022 we plan to have enough funds to aquire all training material to onboard trainees for the course. March of 2022 the goal is to have a minimum of 10 individuals enrolled and paid up through grant and/or government funding to begin hands on training. In the month of May 2022 the trainees we educated are planned to have their trades certificates to move on to the Business side of the course to start establishing their own LLC and become Small Business owners. No later than September of 2022 we hope to see a rate of at least 50% of our trainees with a successful Entrepreneurship. At the beginning of January 2023 we want to begin to hear all the successful business venture stories from at least 30% of or certified trainees!

why we're doing it

In the end, we want to have a community based relationship built upon trust, respect, self motivation, determination, drive and the will power to be successful. Thunder Roar believes in "POSITIVE ENERGY" and will take all and any necessary measures to show our neighborhood and surrounding neighbors that we want to see a change in a positive light within all low income area's. Our passions to see one help themselves better their future is what drives us to do what it takes for all those involved to prosper! As a final result, we expect to grow communities, make them safer, provide additional housing and provide knowledge to all small business owners trying to succeed in the field if home renovation!


We are looking to begin education courses as soon as possible. Our funding request will help to begin with establishing materials needed for training in the home renovation fields of plumbing, electrical, drywall, lead abatement, door and window installation, painting, flooring etc. All funds donated will aid in the start up process of getting tools, supplies and materials to get the course training up and operable. Much more funds are needed for operations, educators time, transportation etc. We will take all donations into consideration and provide incentives for anyone in the community that get involved with allowing our dream to be a success!


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Become a HELP to the THUNDER ROAR cause!

Your support with help to grow this trades program to be a potential success is GREATLY appreciated. The goal is to get more Entrepreneurs in our urban communities and make an attempt at rebuilding older abandoned properties for community growth and development. 


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