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the project

So much of what we read on the news or see on TV regarding racism is about police brutality, protests and violence; ignoring the situations in between these extremes that impact how a person shows up in their daily lives. Thorn in My Side Podcast (TimsPod) is a series designed to focus on those stories. Through a conversational format, I interview everyday people who share how prejudice shows up in their daily lives—at work, with friends, etc.— and how they deal with these situations. It's both a way for people to understand how 'smaller' acts (micro-aggressions) can leave a major impact on communities of color, and a natural and low-stakes way for people of color to have a safe space to express these topics.

With 14 episodes currently recorded, I'm looking to hire a show producer to manage and edit the show so I can focus on the interviews, increase episode frequency and create a companion online video series.

the steps

Once I receive funding, I'll start by hiring a show producer, purchasing equipment, lining up my interviews and find a studio location to rent so we can begin production.

why we're doing it

These stories matter, and people of color deserve to have a space where they feel cared for first and foremost. We all have unchecked biases that need to be named, and this platform has already helped so many folks in the community. I believe that if we listen first, we can have a better understanding how to build communities and neighborhoods that are respectful to all people.


Team expansion: Podcast producer & editor = $1,500

Director/guest fee = $1,500

Rental space = $450

Hard drive = $200

Audio & extension cables = $100

Interface/ recorder = $150

Camera / tripod = $700

Guest microphone & stand = $250

Merchandise & promotion = $150


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