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Shannon D
Health Science Park and the Mississippi River Park
(Midtown and Downtown Memphis)
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the project

#Takeemdown901 aims to remove the glorified conferderate memorabilia from the public spaces of Memphis, TN prior to the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's murder. Our primary goal is to keep pressure on our elected officals and the TN Historical Commission to result in the removal of Nathan Bedford Forrest statue in the Health Science Park and the Jefferson Davis statue in the Mississippi River Park. This campaign is for supporters of this effort. If you are seeking understanding, please read the following articles:

the steps

Quiet Phase: We will make personal contact with supporters to raise initial funds prior to going public

Public Phase: We will broadcast the ioby link to all 350 supporters in the Takeemdown901 group and friends

Implementataion: There is a committee working on the art installation(s). They will submit a budget once they finalize the project and we will disburse the funds. Likewise, the Takeemdown901 leaders will determine validality of expenses and disburse funds as budgeted needs arise.

why we're doing it

We should not glorify men who fought a war to maintain slavery. These men are dipicted in positions of honor, not simply as historic characters. These statues were erected to keep black Memphians subservant and fearful of white power. As a community, we get to choose how our public spaces look and feel. Our public spaces must invite everyone in.


REVISED BUDGET (as of 2.23.18):

  Budget Expenditure to Date Remainder Date expense paid Name of person/org paid Notes on expense
Materials  250 250 0      
Refreshments 136.61 136.61 0 1/4/18 Shannon Dixon Celebratory dinner after removal - BBQ Shop and Casablanca. Shannon picked up and paid for. 
Community Engagement Projects 2196.72 500 1696.72 1/3/18 Grant to Coalition of Concerned Citizens  For Breakfast and Books program- check given to Keedran Franklin
TOTAL 2583.33 886.61 1696.72      


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 11.7.17):

Total raised on ioby was 2,825.00 
less ioby Platform Fee, $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%), $129.17
less Payment Processing Fee (3%), $77.50

Court Costs and Bail 1583.33
Art Project 500.00
Refreshments 500.00
Total 2583.33


UPDATED BUDGET (as of 10/30/17):

500 for refreshments
500 for art installation
1500 for court costs and/or bail

SUBTOTAL = $2,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $75



Art installation(s) to bring community awareness and understanding: $2,000

Water and refreshments for small and large scale meetings: $1,000

Bail for peaceful protestors who are arrested in the act of protest (7 were arrested at a recent protest and while we hope the city would not take that action again, we have no signs that they will not react in the same manner at future protests.): $2,000

Court Costs (Even when cases are dismissed, as 3 of the 7 have been thus far, there are court costs. A group of lawyers have stepped forward and are offering pro-bono representation): $2,000
PLEASE NOTE: If our efforts are successful to the point of not requiring the use of all the funds raised, a leadership group has been designated to determine how to apply the funds to the next social justice effort in Memphis, TN. This volunteer group is: Tami Sawyer (Lead Organizer of Takeemdown901), Shannon Dixon (ioby Project Leader), Dr. Charles McKinney (Takeemdown901 Historian), and Toof Brown (Takeemdown901 legal representative).
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $350
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $210



To everyone who donated to our ioby #takeemdown901 campaign. We stated in the budget that if the statues come down and we don't have to pay anymore bail or court costs (or other costs we budgeted for), we would donate the remaining money to other social justice causes. well VICTORY is ours and we are donating to the folllowing causes (as chosen by our arrested protestors):


1. Official Black Lives Matter Community Bail Fund

2. C3 Books & Breakfast Program

3. HOPE (Homeless Organizing for Power & Equality)

4. For Women (a personal product drive for homeless women)


We thank you all for your generous donations! But more than that we thank you for believing that we could #takeemdown901. And we #tookemdown901!


Last Day to Give

We are only $181 short of our goal and today is the last day to give. We thank you all so very much and request that you share with your like-minded friends.

1k raised in less than 24-hours

Thank you all for helping us get over $1 in less than 24-hours. We are still in a quiet phase (meaning we aren't posting this link publicly). We would like to raise $2,500 before posting publicly. Please send the link to your friends through private message, text, and email. You guys are the best!


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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