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the project

"If you empower women, you can change the world."  Tabitha's Daughters believes this assertion. 

Where women gather to transform an issue or challenge, you will find our stories of strength, resilience, and determination.  We want to change Pittsburgh!  In order to change our city - a city where women, and especially African-American women are living with health, educational, housing, and economic disparities that are " the worst in the nation," (based on the Gender Equity Commission Report of 2019), women must be a part of the solutions for change. In a city which claims to be the "most livable city in America," women must force change in political, social, educational, and economic systems that impede our progress and keep us from participating in the growing prosperity of Pittsburgh.

Our project is a social justice initiative where women of all ages and ethnicities are invited to be a part of the transformational change that needs to happen in Pittsburgh.  Using the Gender Equity Commission Report as the framework, we will gather to analyze and honestly discuss this report, choose an indicator to attack, and build an initiative that will improve, via one of the 5 indicators, the living standard of women in our city.  This project will involve 3-4 mini symposiums where experts will assist us in being a part of what must change in our city.

the steps

Training the Trainers - Interactions that will employ techniques and strategies to train those who will lead the discussion group and build the strategies for affecting the negative indicators affecting women.

1st Mini - Symposium - Collaborating with experts on the Gender Equity Commisison Report that can lead the women who gather to understand and unpack the report.

2nd Mini- Symposium - Group "table talks" on what the report means to the women mentioned in the report (African-American, Latina, Asian, & Euro-American women)

3rd Mini- Symposium - Choosing one of the 6 indicators (health mortality, infant mortality, educational, housing, economic) to build a strategy of improvement and impact around.  Building out an initiative that partners with collaborators to continue to work the program and promote change. 

why we're doing it

Tabitha's Daughters believes the "future is female."  Women, who occupy more space on the globe than men, must be moved to leadership positions that allow us to be a part of our own solution.  Our project, through the information provided in the Gender Equity Commission report, allows women to take ahold of our own future.  This report gives us the problems and challenges; now, Tabitha's Daughters wants to build out solutions to create equity within our city for women who live, work, worship, and support their families. 

Our project will ultimately be a solution to the statistics housed in the Gender Equity Commission report through concerted action.  Whether educational, health, housing, or economic disparities, we will work one of these indicators to viable solutions and affect change in the city.  We believe that small groups can make a difference and this project is constructed to make that difference.


Disbursed budget (2.3.20):

Disbursed funds will go towards these updated project expenses:

Venue secured at no charge (Nova Place)

Speaker fees - $1,750

Food - $1,000

Printing/Postage/Advertising - $300

Transportation - $200

Administrative Fees - $350

Workshop/Conference Materials - $300

** Parking Fee Reimbursements - $110

TOTAL RAISED = $4,114.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $123.42

Original budget:

Rental of Venues - $800

Speaker Fees - $1,750.

Food - $1,000

Printing/Postage/Advertising - $600

Transportation - $200

Administrative Fees - $350

Workshop/Conference Materials - $300


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $156


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