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News from Sweet Beet Market...

the project

Sweet Beet Farm & Farm Stand has been upgrading all sorts of things for this coming season, including: doors and shutters to close up the stand, a new vegetable display, a small greenhouse and many raised beds. All of these projects are helping to increase the efficiency of our operation but we need to raise some money to complete a few more projects that will make all the difference for this season and those to come! Firstly, we would like to build an extension off the back of the stand to make space for a new display cooler, our chest freezer and to extend our storage space at the stand. We need funds for the extension as well as for a new display cooler. We are also looking to raise money for a more adequate packing station.  This station will allow us to more easily apply good agricultural and handling practices in our existing operation. In the past year we have learned a lot about on-farm food safety and we are looking forward to applying this new knowledge, and setting a good example for our food-growing community. We have started distributing food to restaurants and are moving an increasingly larger volume of vegetables - and our walk-in cooler needs to match that volume. As such, we are looking to expand our walk-in cooler space. Having two separate rooms set at different temperatures will allow us to keep vegetables happier for longer periods of time. Lastly, we are looking to raise funds for one more thing: a wood chipper. A wood chipper will allow us to shred and chip leaves and small pieces of wood into mulching material. Mulching is primarily good for soil health but it also helps vegetables to grow better by keeping in moisture and deterring pests. 

With your help, we can make all of this happen!

the steps

Once the funds are raised, the first thing we will build is the extension off of the back of the building. We have two team members who have ample carpentry skills. We estimate that it should take 3 full days of work for them to complete this job. During this time the rest of the team members will finalize the purchase of the new display cooler and materials for the packing station. While the builders build the packing station (2 full days of work), the rest of the team will outfit the new extension with the cooler and freezer and storage space (1-2 full days of work). Because we are in the throws of the high season, it is reasonable to expect the project to be worked on in half day increments; therefore, the project is expected to be completed in 2 weeks time. Our next goal will be to build the walk-in cooler expansion - we will need it to be built by the the end of August and know that it will take 1 full day of work to be completed. Lastly, we will finally purchase the wood chipper that all of us at the Sweet Beet Farm Stand have been dreaming of - and we will put it to extensive use this fall as we lay our fields to rest and get our beds ready for the following season.

why we're doing it

Sweet Beet Farm and Farm Stand is in it’s second season. We are a part of the umbrella organization, the Kearsarge Food Hub, whose mission is to increase access to local foods. Our aim is to do this by engaging our community at every turn. We are reaching out to our local schools, building curriculums with teachers, and involving students from the 1st grade all the way up to college students. We have formed close partnerships with local food pantries and together are working to expand access to fresh local produce for our low income neighbors. We are opening the lines of communication between producers as well as between producers and consumers (both individuals and institutions). By doing this we are facilitating greater cooperation and increased efficiency – the end result being greater access to local food for all. By helping us to renovate the Farm Stand you are helping us systemize the food distribution part of our organization so that we can spend more time on the other aspects of our organization, which aim to build a restorative and engaged community based around fresh local food! 


Disbursement Budget (as of 10.4.16):

TOTAL: $6,235.19

Extension: $1000

Display Cooler: $800

Cold & Dry Storage: $2300

·      AC Unit: $300

·      Insulation: $500

·      Wood: $500

·      Plywood: $500

·      Screws & Nails: $100

·      Shelving: $100

·      Miscellaneous: $300

Packing Station/Farm Stand Renovation: $2135.19

·      Foundation Work: $1000

·      Wood: $300

·      Sink: $100

·      Plumbing: $250

·      Pressure Washer $300

·      Hanging scale: $50

·      Miscellaneous: $135.19

RAISED = $6,769.00
less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $311.76
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $187.06

Original Budget:

1.     Extension: $1,000

a.     3 x (6 x 6) Posts: $200

b.     Metal Roofing: $400

c.     Framing for walls: $250

d.     Rafters: $100

e.     Screws/nails: $50

2.    Display cooler: $1,200

3.    Packing station: $1,945

a.     Curing tables: $300

b.     Packing tables: $200

c.     Hanging scale: $150

d.     Drainage materials (piping for sink): $75

e.     Sanitizing equipment

     i.  Vinegar (55gal): $600

     ii. Hydrogren peroxide - 32% (15gal): $450

     iii. Pressure Washer 1,450 psi electric: $170

4. Wood chipper: $500

5. Walk-in cooler expansion: $1000

a. Cool Bot = $300

b. Insulation = $300

c. AC unit = $200

d. Wood = $150

e. Nails/screws = $50

TOTAL = $5645.00

SUBTOTAL = 5,645
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $282
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $169



News from Sweet Beet Market...

The last few months have brought on some big changes at the Sweet Beet Market and we are currently undergoing a big transition! We are in the process of moving our market location to the Old Bradford Inn. The building is in good shape but needs a lot of work. We have been working hard at renovating one part of the first floor, and successfully opened our Winter Market on Saturday, November 19th. We are also working vigorously at rebranding ourselves in order to provide our community with a better understanding of what it is that we do and what we hope to achieve.

Check out our new website: for a glimpse of what’s to come! We have started to use the funds that you all helped us raise. We have purchased a display cooler, which has allowed us to double our refrigerated display space. This has been invaluable to us as we have so many things to display: from eggs and dairy to fermented goods and fresh greens! We were also able to build an insulated walk-in cooler inside of the Old Bradford Inn. This walk-in space will keep the vegetables cool in the summer and keep them from freezing in the winter months. We are so excited for this transition - and we can’t thank you all enough for your help!!!

Thank you to our donors!

            The Kearsarge Food Hub would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed funds to our Sweet Beet Farm Stand Upgrades campaign. As the umbrella organization under which the Sweet Beet team operates, the Kearsarge Food Hub is committed to generating community support and awareness of all efforts to improve the local food system. This fundraising project - our first ever, by the way - not only raised the funds necessary to make critical improvements to the local food production, aggregation, and distribution infrastructure provided by Sweet Beet Farm and Farm Stand, but it also garnered awareness for our vision and forged a connection between our operation and the community in which we serve.

            As you can see, our project to upgrade Sweet Beet operations has been fully funded by many small contributions of $200 or less, meaning that many people came together to send a clear message: Bradford is ready for increased access to local foods. Well, that is just what we intend to provide. And we know that our town is not alone in this sense of commitment to improving the local food economy.  New Hampshire itself is on the verge of this shift to prioritizing local production, and we hope that our efforts serve as an example of what is possible all throughout the Granite State.

            While we have had to revise our budget to account for unforeseen changes happening within the Hub, our mission remains the same: to ease the flow of local goods throughout our food system by building appropriate infrastructure to grow, store, and distribute food. First things first, we are hard at work getting a high tunnel built and the Sweet Beet winter market space up and running. Beyond that, there are exciting prospects to integrate the farm stand into a more comprehensive food hub structure complete with processing, packing, and storing capacities, as well as to rebuild a beloved historic town site. With two years under our belts we feel we have the right cocktail of experience and naiveté to grow our project into something wonderful, full speed ahead!

            Lots on the horizon for us here at the Kearsarge Food Hub and Sweet Beet Farm Stand, all possible due to your generous contributions. Thank you for transforming our vision into reality, and keep an eye on little ol’ Bradford, NH to see your funds in action.  Better yet, come break some bread with as at the Sweet Beet. You are always welcome!


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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