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890 Flatbush Avenue at Church Avenue
Brooklyn (Flatbush)
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the project

We will collect leaves from the community through Project Leaf Drop and food scraps from our gardeners/volunteers to create clean, nutrient-rich soil for our garden. In addition, we will be converting organic food and yard waste that would otherwise be sent to the landfill into valuable fertilizer for our garden. We are planning to create at 3-bin compost system for the Church Avenue Communal Garden to properly manage the green and brown waste collected for our compost.

the steps

First, we will identify and purchase all the necessary tools for creating the 3-bin compost system, using a How-To Guide from the NYC Compost Project. We will organize an event to build the bins at the garden site, inviting all Sustainable Flatbush members and local residents. In addition, we will host two Project Leaf Drop days to collect fallen leaves throughout Flatbush, and we have designated Emily Westlake to manage the compost pile and collect food waste from garden volunteers.

why we're doing it

Soil tests conducted at the garden site revealed high concentrations of lead, arsenic and heavy metals, making this an unsuitable environment for children to play and for healthy plants to grow (especially edible crops). This project will address the issues of natural methods of soil remediation, and serve as a method of waste reduction that provides free, nutrient rich soil to our gardeners.


1. Task Force 12-Piece Socket Set, 1, $20, Lowe's, model #52012 2. Tin Snips, 1 pair, $9, Lowe's, model #SAS 3. TrackSaw T-Square, 1, $22, Lowe's, model #DWS5027 4. Safety Goggles, 2 pairs, $12, Lowe's, model #90780-80025 5. Sanding and Fiberglass Respirator 3-pack, $6, Lowe's, model #R8654-3 6. Garden Plus Hardware Cloth 36”x25', 2 rolls, $70, Lowe's, model #838928 7. Hillman Group Galvanized Carriage Bolts, $2, Lowe's, model #812620 8. Hillman Group Galvanized Flat Washers, $0.28, Lowe's, model#811073 9. Hillman Group Galvanized Hex Nuts, $0.31, Lowe's, model # 810512 10. Hillman Group Galvanized Hex Lag Screws, $0.75, Lowe's, model#812018 11. Arrow T50 Stable Box, $3, Lowe's, model#508TML 12. Porter-Cable 18-Volt Cordless Combo Kit, $89, Lowe's, model#PC218C-2 13. Porter-Cable 58-Piece Drilling and Driving Accessory Set, $19, Lowe's, model#PCDD58 14. Top Choice Treated Lumber, $93, Lowe's, model#s TC1612T225N, TC2612T225N, 228T125N, TC2412T225N 15. Electric Garden Chipper, $299, Gardener's Supply Company, Item#35-272 16. Refreshments for garden volunteers, $25, Duane Reade 17. Utilitech 100 ft. extension cord, $15, Lowe's ioby fee = 55 total = 745 hh 3-17-11: project closing out. Readjusted budget from 745 to 420 to reflect total earned in time for project date.


Thanks For Helping! Come Visit Us!


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