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the project

Through the process of collectively building and maintaining a beautiful garden that is visible and open to all, we will also be building community. Gardeners will learn about issues of environmental sustainability including revitalization of urban green space, native plants and Flatbush history, waste reduction through repurposing discarded materials, and local food production.

the steps

Workdays will be held twice weekly on Saturdays and Wednesdays to build and maintain the garden, partnering with community groups including nearby Walt Whitman Middle School and the Flatbush Farm Share CSA. Workday projects will include: - Church Avenue streetscape, using hardy and low-maintenance native plants - East 21st Street rain garden - Edible plant container garden, built from recycled materials, with the goal of producing food for the Flatbush Reformed Church Soup Kitchen - Compost collection and maintenance

why we're doing it

The Church Avenue Communal Garden is a new community garden project located at the historic Flatbush Reformed Church in the heart of Brooklyn. The site is located in a very densely populated area with one of NYC's lowest ratios of open space per resident, and few opportunities for intergenerational and cross-cultural interaction amongst the neighborhood's very diverse population. The mission of the Church Avenue Communal Garden is to serve as a green space created by and for the entire Flatbush community. This spring is our first planting season, and we have big plans: a colorful native plant streetscape on Church Avenue, a rain garden with ferns and other water-loving shade plants on East 21st Street, and a container garden built from recycled materials to grow edible crops. Our problem: gardening requires TOOLS! So far we have accomplished a lot with begged and borrowed tools... but to host large groups of eager gardeners, especially from the youth groups we're partnering with, we'll need LOTS of gloves, trowels, cultivators, and more. Help us make it happen!


Seeds (native wildflowers, kale, collards, swiss chard, etc.) $25, Seeds of Change Seedlings/starter plants $85, Kings County Nurseries 718-493-2363 Soil $240, Kings County Nurseries 718-493-2363 Hand tools and gloves $100, Home Depot Lumber and Hardware $200, Home Depot Wheelbarrow $50, Home Depot Transportation costs $100, Zipcar project total = $1009 ioby fee = $81


Thanks For Your Support! Come Visit Us!


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