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the project

I would like for all families to become thriving units. I want to educate and distribute "Bug Out" bags to families to keep in their homes in the event of an extreme emergency. These bags will store items that will aide in the survival needs from food to shelter as well as medical supplies. I plan to educate families on what surviving materials will need to be stored in the bag and how often to update it. I also plant to educate families on how to grow food, how to find and clean water, how to repair clothing, how to groom and how to provide basic medical skills all while storing the necessities and information in one place, the Bug Out Bag. 

the steps

Once cash in hand:

1. Order Bug Out bags for 20 families 11/15/20

2. Shop for survival necessities for bag 11/17/20

3. Schedule dates and times to distribute bags and materials. 11/18/20

4. Schedule education sessions in person or on zoom (due to Covid) on how to properly prepare the bag, how to store it and how and when to refill it. 11/18/20

5. Distribute materials to families in safe manner 11/20/20

6. Educate families weekly on the materials and what to do with each part. 11/25/20-1/25/2021

why we're doing it

This project helps families feel secure in the event of disaster in this unpredictable world. Although we hope we will always be safe, we will feel even safer if we are prepared to handle a crisis before it comes. In the event of a crisis, I want families to be secure enough to take care of themselves and others. When families know how to grow food, provide basic medical skills and provide shelter with their own hands they will be prepared for survival. Having a Bug Out bag with all the essential need in them will help provide security in our community.


$200 survival seeds 

$500 medical supplies 

$500 non perishable food

$1000 portable shelter (tents)

$2000 Army style Bug Out Bags

$200 water bottles 

$100 gas


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