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Migrant communities in New York City are experiencing unemployment, housing insecurity, and hunger. Immigrant students and their families are experiencing intensified stresses and new traumas in our country and due to documentation status or accessibility issues, many are unable to receive government support or unemployment benefits.

Our work in underserved populations continues to address these inequities by delivering families with cash assistance. Glasswing is launching this fundraising campaign with a goal of $3,500 to help mitigate some of the financial burdens our families are experiencing. Every dollar of your donation will directly go towards the costs of covering basic needs for families at a partnering public high school serving recent immigrant students.

the steps

Glasswing's COVID response in New York City focuses on critical areas of support, including access to technology for remote learning, outreach to high-priority students and families, and access to virtual social connections and social-emotional supports. When parents’ and other caregivers’ needs are met, children are more likely to receive sensitive and responsive care. Protecting adults’ mental and physical health is an effective strategy for promoting children’s well-being during and after a pandemic. We believe action in these areas is critical.

Glasswing specific steps: 

  • Families fill out an application to determine eligibility (priority/high needs/undocumented)
  • Glasswing reaches out to each family individually, explains the distribution process and card use
  • Families are sent prepaid Visa gift cards to their homes, Glasswing follows up to confirm delivery
  • Glasswing oversees card delivery (via tracking), activation and troubleshooting

why we're doing it

Students can’t learn unless basic needs are met. Our response includes a whole-systems approach-- supporting the family/caregivers/community supports the student. Glasswing is working directly with school teachers and social workers to ensure that all levels of the community receive access to basic needs. 

Glasswing helps families overcome and navigate any cultural, language, or migration status barriers they may have to receive aid. Glasswing leverages its bilingual staff to translate application and ensure all applications are sent in in the family’s native language. 

Glasswing International was founded in 2007 on the belief that every child deserves a community that believes in them. With over 10 years of experience in the field of humanitarian aid and response, we are uniquely positioned and hold the proper skill-set to serve our NYC migrant families in need during this global health crisis.


Cash Aid Gift Cards   $2,800

Card Purchasing Fee $6

Shipping $20


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