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Over halfway there!

the project

Sunflower Birth & Family Wellness (SBFW)  is a freestanding birth center in Winfield, Cowley County, KS. Two Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM)s, Tarena Sisk, MSN, CNM, APRN and Jamie Harrington, DNP, APRN, CNM, FNP-BC have been providing care with Sunflower OB/GYN to women needing healthcare in the Winfield area. Both Tarena and Jamie work closey with Sunflower OB/GYN physicians and have privileges at William Newton Hospital for labor and birth care. Both CNMs provide gynecological, well women, menopause, prenatal and postpartum care to women throughout the lifespan. Tarena and Jamie will expand their services to SBFW where all women can be seen in a comfortable enviroment for GYN and prenatal healthcare. Working in partnership with Sunflower OB/GYN, women who are low risk and pregnant will have the option to deliver at the birth center or hospital with one of the CNMs. Women with high risk pregnancies will be managed in collaboration with Sunflower OB/GYNs, but most can still deliver with midwives at William Newton Hospital. We will evaluate each woman's individual circumstances.

It is our hope that SBFW will be a place of community and support for women and their families. We will provide group classes that focus on women's healthcare, pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting, and mental health care. We have already built a strong partnership with many Cowley County organizations to foster a foundation of solid resources for women and their families. Some of our future goals include the addition of a private space to provide care to women who are victims of sexual assault, a doula program to provide increased support for laboring women, providing mental health care on site, and adding CenteringHealthcare group prenatal visits to our program.

Your generous gift helps us to get SBFW off the ground and start providing much needed care to women in our community. This could not happen without your support. Thank you so much for helping give the families in our community a strong start.

Jamie and Tarena 

the steps

May 2020-July 2020-Purchase emergency equipment, autoclave, newborn hearing machine, and educational materials

July 2020-Hire lactation consultant and educational instructor(s) to conduct breastfeeding support and group classes

September 7th, 2020 Anticipate formal opening of Sunflower Birth & Family Wellness

September 2020-September 2021-Utilize salary funds for lactation consultation and educational instructor during this period.



why we're doing it

Maternal mortality in the United States is increasing instead of decreasing like it is in other developed countries. One reason for this is limited access to healthcare. SBFW is located in a rural area where there is limited access to women's healthcare and maternity services. Within the last few years several of the surrounding communites are no longer providing speciailized women's health or maternity care. This requires women to drive sometimes over an hour to receive needed healthcare. This is unacceptable. We want women to be able to access reliable, safe healthcare. The addition of SBFW will increase midwifery and freestanding birth center care which have been shown to decrease costs and improve outcomes for women and their families. In the past 7 years, Tarena has delivered over 1,000 babies in the Winfield community, reduced the hospital primary c-section rate to less than 15%, reduced vaginal lacerations during birth and decreased induction of labor rates just by providing midwifery care to women. The addition of a freestanding birth center in Winfield will further improve outcomes by improving postpartum support, providing group support sessions on wellness, and increasing resources available to women and their families. It is our hope that SBFW will improve the Winfield economy by bringing more families to the area seeking midwifery and birth center care. Women that in return stay in the community, work and play in the community, and raise their families here. 


Disbursed budget:

Revised Budget: 10/06/20

Lab Supplies: $791.00

·  Hemoglobin machine to detect Anemia-$320.00

·  Hemoglobin microcurvettes-$100.00

·  Nitrazine paper-$45.00

·  Microscope-$276.00

·  Urine dipstick-$50.00

Supplies for Newborn: $660.00

·  -Lancets-$200.00

·  -Heel Warmers-$200.00

·  Infant Scale -$30.00

·  Cart to use for Infant x2—80.00

·  Portable Oxygen bottle -150.00

Home Visit Equipment: $378.00

·  Roller Bag for supplies-$79.00 ea x 2 =158.00

·  Stethoscope x 2 =$90.00 ea=$180.00

·  Icterometer for jaundice-X2 -$40.00

Patient supplies: $150.00

·  Gowns $150.00

Office Supplies: $2188.35

·  Purchase of computers and/or printer for clinic -$1500.00

·  Clinic Furniture: 538.35

·  Quickbooks x 1 year-$150.00

Improvements to Clinic: $1500.00

·  Replace front door

·  Replace Countertop

Total budget: 5,667.35

TOTAL RAISED = $6,120.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $304.25
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $113.40


Educational materials to support group classes on pregnancy, breastfeeding, women's health, tobacco cessation, substance abuse, and postpartum depression - $1000.00

Autoclave to sterilize instruments -$2000.00

Emergency Equipment -$2000.00

Newborn Hearing Machine -1000.00

Salary to facilitate group classes -$20.00/hour x 100 hours (first year) -$2000.00

Salary to incorporate breastfeeding support -$20.00/hour x 100 hours (first year) $2000.00

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $310
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,345



Over halfway there!

We are over half way to reaching our goal! Our community is amazing and we are so thankful for your support. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our IOBY page and to our Amazon wishlist.

A few things we have already received from our generous donors:

Underpads for mamas in labor

Onesies for new babies

The famous peanut ball (for all those position changes and to help moms through labor)

Our goal is to provide a safe space for all women to come for health care and birth. We will still provide well woman care, minor GYN problem visits, family planning, and OB care on the Sunflower OB/GYN clinic side of our birth center. The birth center side will be an option for low risk moms who choose to have a natural birth in a comfortable home-like environment. Women who are high risk or want a hospital birth can still have Sunflower midwives or OBs care for them at William Newton Hospital.

We can't thank you enough!! We can't wait to open! Stay tuned for more information on our Labor Day grand opening event.

Jamie and Tarena

$2,200 so far!!

Wow, We are in awe of all the amazing support that is coming in for our community! We are already at $2,200 and we have only been active for 1 day. Thank you for sharing and giving so that we can help support healthy families in Cowley County. We are so excited for this mission and how these funds will help us to give more back to our community. We have so many ideas for this space and can't wait to welcome you into our birth center. The birth center will not only serve pregnant and postpartum families, it has a clinic space to serve all women for routine wellness care and minor gyn problems from adolescence to beyond menopause. We work closely with our supportive OB/GYN physicians at Sunflower OB/GYN if you need additional care that our midwives cannot provide. Our midwives have master's and doctorate degrees in nursing and midwifery, are licensed as advanced practice nurses in the state of Kansas, and are board certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board. Our midwives can write prescriptions, see women for routine pap and sexually transmitted infection screening, family planning, pregnancy and postpartum. Check out what we can do on:

You can also find out what a Freestanding Birth Center is at:

Thanks again! Remember to keep sharing so that we can meet our goal. We only have a few weeks to get matching funding from The Kansas Health Foundation.

We appreciate all of you!!

Jamie and Tarena


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