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the project

It is the mission of the Detroit Suzuki Academy of Music to support the growth and resilience of inspiring, nurturing, and accessible music education through community, love, and a holistic family approach. Through this work, we provide low- and no-cost violin lessons, group classes, and instrument rentals. It is our core belief that high quality music instruction should be accessible to all children regardless of income, race, ethnicity, or disability. 

Through our work, we strive to build loving community, provide students with a creative outlet and a sense of purpose, and offer safe and supportive mentoring to children ages 3-18. 

the steps

Through the funding secured here we will: 

  1. Purchase 4 additional violins for our youngest students 
  2. Offset the cost of replacement violin strings
  3. Fund our creative and empowering bi-weekly online group classes for the remainder of the school year
  4. Cover the costs of our spring Solo Recital 
  5. Purchase text books to support note reading 

why we're doing it

Robust music instruction from an early age has been linked to higher academic performance, improved concentration, enhanced cognitive function, growth mindset, and higher levels of grit. Simultaneously, after school music serves as force for reducing stress, increasing creativity, growing friendships, and building self esteem. However, equal opportunity for all students to participate in after-school music programs is not possible due to many barriers such as limited family resources, competing after school commitments, transportation, and family responsibilities.

To these ends, the Detroit Suzuki Academy of Music was founded in 2018 to provide accessible, high quality after school music instruction, build community and a sense of purpose in Detroit’s young people, and to provide outlets for creative expression and joy.

Your help makes our work possible! 


These funds will support the purchase of some new instruments ($450 each), spring recital ($250), group classes ($50 each), string replacements ($40/instrument), and note reading books ($15 each). Any additional funds will be put back into the organization to support ongoing student development, and parental support. 

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)   $156
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $5,191



You helped us meet the match within 24 hours! We are blown away. Thank you for showing up for Detroit's kids. We see you and we love you! 

Help meet the match!

The first $900 donated will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Classics for Kids Foundation. Thank you, Classics for Kids! With help from awesome supporters like you, we can make this first goal and make your dollars go even farther! -AH


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