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Little BRO Summer Camp Is awarded 10,000.00 from Capital One Bank!!! YAY.

the project

Our mission is to transform the literacy struggles, self confidence and life experiences for young men in under resourced communities. The Little BRO’s Summer Camp aims to be that positive space that supports families in these areas.

the steps

The camp is a 8-week program serving 3rd to 5th-grade young men in the Brownsville Community. The program will be a all day summer camp helping participants build on their reading and comprehension abilities. Developing social-emotional tools needed to communicate their emotions positively and learning the art of leadership from today’s and yesterday’s social leaders. The camp will also be a part of a huge community project where they will create something that will inspire peers and family members.


why we're doing it

Within Brownsville Brooklyn there is great work happening to support youth. However, families are still finding it very difficult to find free summer programs that are more then just sports related for their sons. The Little BRO’s Summer Camp will enhance the experience for young men exposing them to different activities while being a huge support for families looking for something positive for their child. We aim to be a FUN LOVING SPACE WHERE ALL YOUNG MEN CAN FIND THEIR VOICE!



Van Services for our Trips: $520
Camp Snacks: $400
Art Supplies: $200

TOTAL RAISED = $1,195.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $35.85



Expenses :

Food  - Snacks & Trip Meals                                                                     $4,000.00

Supplies – Category - 1  Reading Materials                                                $1320.00

                   Category  - 2 Art Supplies                                                        $2000.00   

                   Category 3  - Sports Equipment                                                  $250.00

                   Category 4  - Uniform  Shirts & Water Bottles                           $680.00 

                   Category 5 – General Office                                                        $500.00                            

Trips -  Weekly Trips for 5 Weeks                                                               $5,500.00

Transportation -                                                                                            $3,500.00

Special Events & Parent Workshops                                                             $4400.00

 Total -                                                                                                         $22,150.00



ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $686
TOTAL TO RAISE = $22,871



We are looking to provide a free summer camp for 75 boys in Grades 3 - 5 with that said, here is a light overview of what we need to be sucuessful.

  • Transportation for trips
  • Camp shirts and draw string bags
  • office Supplies
  • Snacks
  • event and trip funds
  • staff: Medical staff/ Assisitant Director/ Camp leader/ Teaching Artist/ Aquatics Director/ Camp counselors 
  • parent Workshop Facilitator 
  • Books
  • Recreational Material/ Art supplies



  SUBTOTAL = 75,000
  ioby Platform Fee $35
  ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $2,250
  TOTAL TO RAISE = $77,285



Little BRO Summer Camp Is awarded 10,000.00 from Capital One Bank!!! YAY.

Hey everyone, hope all is well! Just want to send a very big Thank you to our partners over at CapitalOne Bank for giving us $10,000.00

It's so awesome when you can work with great organizations who believe in the work and are willing to be apart of the change within our communities.


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