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the project

Community Movement Builders ​is a member-based collective of black people building sustainable, self-determining communities through community organizing and cooperative economic development.  We build cooperatives, support existing community members in staying in their homes and campaign against gentrification, maintain a community house and garden, and create opportunities for youth and leadership development.  

Our goal with the CMB Community Safety and Cop Watch Patrols is to create an environment that fosters self-determination, unity, and safety.  Patrols will provide an opportunity for community members to get to know and work with each other, and to develop leadership and conflict prevention/de-escalation/resolution skills.  Patrols will also prevent police harassment by shining a spotlight on policing activities, by raising community member’s awareness and assertion of their rights, and by creating a buffer that reduces entanglement with the criminal justice system.  

CMB’s Patrols are a necessary component of our advocacy for community control over policing- to transform current policing culture and practice in poor and working-class Black communities in southwest Atlanta and beyond.  Our goal is for CMB Patrols to be a replicable model for all of our chapters and other organizations seeking to facilitate community control over public safety. We are raising resources to train and hire young adults from the community in our Patrols, as well as our organizing and cooperative development projects.  Our vision, once the Patrols have become institutionalized, is to create an elected board of residents to govern the program, giving the community direct power over the "policing" institution in their neighborhood.

the steps

The project has already started.

Once resources are secured recruitment of neighborhood young adults will commence

Within a week of securing 5 to 8, young adults training will commence

People will be added to the safety patrols on an ongoing and staggered timeline.

why we're doing it

We believe the key to combatting police violence and enhancing safety is local community control over institutions that govern and police.  The missing equation in most efforts to transform the criminal justice system are avenues of actually shifting power to community members to determine what and who has control over their lives. Our project initiates and supports community members’ direct involvement in aspects of public safety in order to reduce and eliminate the reliance on external forces.  Patrols will shift the perception of and reduce the likeliness of harmful behavior in the community.  Patrols will also identify and address emerging conflicts, thus reducing the reliance on external policing institutions.

We also believe that we must foster the internal conditions necessary to enhance safety as we shift control over institutions that govern and police the community. Thus, CMB also works to enhance overall wellness in the community.  Our mutual aid programs increase access to fresh produce, toiletries, and recreational activities.  This project will enhance community wellness by grounding community safety in methods that include de-escalation, conflict resolution, trauma recovery, harm-reduction, and effective communication. The Patrols will model respectful communication and collaboration between community members. 

Economic stability is also essential for community wellness, as it reduces community conflict. CMB’s cooperatives and mutual aid programs aim to increase economic stability.  This project will provide one avenue for community members to access resources and generate income by hiring young adults from the neighborhood to participate in safety patrols.  


pay 8 young adults $20 an hour for 10 hours a week over 12 weeks: $19,200

refreshments/water/know your rights materials/flyers: $1,200

T- shirts: $500

trainings (know your rights/deescalation/first aid): $800 

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TOTAL TO RAISE = $22,030
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