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the project


Arts & Scraps, a Detroit nonprofit, will distribute art/learning kits to 45 classrooms in our neighborhood school, Ronald Brown Academy.  They use recycled materials from the Detroit area and have been assembled by volunteers. There are 45 classrooms in the school, preschool to grade 6--approximately 1,000 students. Instructions on our website show teachers how to relate the art projects to core curriculum.  Volunteer photographers will visit the school and capture photos of creativity in action (with parental permission). Blow ups of the photos will be displayed in our art gallery, with a family opening on February 23. All families will be able to visit Arts & Scraps and create a project free of charge. 


  • learning/creative:  student hands on learning of curriculum, student and parent awareness of creativity, and pride in unique ideas.  
  • environmental: reuse of 880 cubic feet of materials and student/family education in reuse/recycling for art.   
  • environmental:  increase in awareness of the Arts & Scraps recycling program which accepts many items that cannot be recycled.  
  • neighborhood:  increase in volunteers and involvement in Arts & Scraps
  • neighborhood:  students can visit our Recycled Arts Gallery and see themselves as famous!  
  • learning:  gallery will show other teachers, parents visiting from all over SE Michigan how to reuse materials for learning and creativity

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the steps

  • January:  Deliver kits made with recycled materials to Ronald Brown Academy with handouts for teachers, students

  • January:  Get parent permission for photos, volunteers take pictures

  • February:  Blow up pictures, mount on matte board scrap, create gallery show, permanent for at least 2 years

  • February: Invite community to Opening Nov. 17 though neighborhood newsletters, emails and social networking

  • February 23:  Set up picture frame project using recycled materials free of charge to all attending

why we're doing it

  1. Too much stuff is thrown away.  We’re saving stuff through reuse.
  2. Kids need stuff. 
  3. Teachers need stuff. 
  4. Stuff is fun.
  5. Stuff is expensive if you have to buy it at a store—the average teacher spends $632 on their classroom.
  6. We like our neighborhood school.
  7. We need more stuff.  
  8. We would like more people in our neighborhood to recycle and volunteer as individuals and families.
  9. We would like more people in our neighborhood to recycle and volunteer through their workplace.


90 kits, each serves 35 students   $1,500
  Kits use recycled materials gathered from metro Detroit and were assembled by volunteers.  Cost is in fuel,
  materials storage, staff in design, curriculum writing and supervising assembly

Blow up and mount photos  $300

Projects for gallery opening  $200
  Projects made from recycled materials gathered from metro Detroit.  Cost is in fuel, materials storage,
  staff in design and facilitating project

Total costs: $2,000

Third party credit card processing (3%): $60
ioby materials and labor: $35

Total to raise: $2,095


Thank you message from the project leader!


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